Why Is It Worth Investing In Copywriting?

Why Is It Worth Investing In Copywriting?
23 July 2021
Do you run a company with a limited budget and wonder whether it’s worth investing in copywriting? If so, check what makes quality content so important and why it’s worth the investment.
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SEO Copywriting. What Is It About?

Originally, copywriting was associated mainly with advertising slogans used in radio spots and high-budget TV commercials. However, today it revolves mainly around website texts. Nevertheless, this process should rather be called SEO copywriting as it’s about creating articles that correspond to the expectations of both users and Google robots. Moderation is the key to success - content needs to be useful and valuable for readers - is tailored to the requirements of the search engine isn’t enough. [caption id="attachment_41624" align="aligncenter" width="602"]copywriting guidelines Source: https://backlinko.com/copywriting-guide[/caption] Read: What is SEO copywriting and how does it affect website ranking?

Is Copywriting Worth The Investment?

Of course! Copywriting comprises various elements such as business Facebook posts, blog entries or product descriptions. Most entrepreneurs realize that this type of content should be shared. However, very few of them know why copywriting is worth the investment and how it can affect your brand recognition or sales Below you can find a list of basic functions of copywriting and reasons proving why it’s so vital in business activity.

1. Informative Function Of Content

The increasingly popular phrase Zero Moment of Truth denotes that potential customers search the net to access product or service reviews before they decide to finalize transactions. In real life, this practice is adopted by approximately 73% of American consumers and it can be assumed that the situation looks similar in other well-developed countries. Therefore, a user that encounters such texts can bring you numerous benefits, especially if the content is filled with quality pieces of information. This is when SEO copywriting comes in handy - it should provide all crucial data about the product and enterprise to facilitate the process of making a purchasing decision. is copywriting worth investment - purchasing decision impact

2. Informative And Advertising Function

Zero Moment of Truth means much more than content found on websites of manufacturers or e-commerce stores. Reviews published on external pages, videos, comparisons, and all types of content discussing your products or services that can be encountered by potential customers are also relevant. Therefore, it’s worth checking what kind of publicity surrounds your business. For this purpose, benefit from Google and be active. Monitor all online mentions of your brand with the use of free tools such as Google Alerts. Write sponsored articles about your product range and make sure it’s published on an external website. In this case, you should aim at presenting your offer to potential buyers and encourage them to visit the page. If the content is prepared properly, the investment in copywriting may pay off in the form of improved sales.

3. Content In Building Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is the image that appears in the minds of recipients when they see your logo, hear your company name or interact with your enterprise. It results from the intense work of marketers, including copywriters, that focus on ensuring that your content builds an appropriate brand image corresponding to set assumptions. This image is created at every stage of the customer-brand relationship. The process involves Facebook posts, website design or customer service. Therefore, without a shadow of a doubt, properly prepared texts are the cornerstone of quality brand recognition.

4. Content In The SEO Process

Quality and optimized texts will improve your website positions in the search results and ultimately translate into increased traffic and conversion rate. The goal is worth its weight in gold - 70% of marketing specialists believe that positions in the SERPs are more important than paid ads. However, it’s infeasible to reach top positions without valuable content. SEO copywriting is supposed to ensure that the visibility of individual subpages is improved and your website is displayed on relevant keywords. However, this process also aims at guaranteeing that published texts correspond to user intents and meet their expectations. Therefore, when creating content, don’t forget to make sure that it’s substantive and pleasant to read. It should also answer all questions of potential customers. Delante will increase your organic traffic - contact us

Copywriting vs. Small Companies

Now you know what’s the purpose of copywriting and why it’s worth the investment. However, owners of smaller businesses with limited budgets may still have difficulties with making up their minds. Should they also spend money on such activities? Of course. However, it’s crucial to do it in a well-thought-out way tailored to your possibilities. First and foremost, copywriting in a small company should focus on locations where it’s possible to meet potential customers. Instead of investing in all communication channels, pay attention to the ones with the greatest potential. What to consider?
  • Website - it’ll be accessed by potential customers, therefore, it’s worth making sure that it includes content corresponding to their expectations. Start with creating a quality landing page description with text about your enterprise to inspire user trust (avoid cliches and focus on natural storytelling that’s particularly relevant in the case of small companies).
Product and service descriptions - keeping Zero Moment of Truth in mind, website visitors should be able to effortlessly access detailed product and service descriptions. If your budget isn’t big enough to benefit from services offered by a professional SEO agency, try to optimize the content on your own. Why don’t you read our entry to find out how to optimize category and product descriptions in a way that ensures their usability?
  • Creative social media - the quality of content is extremely important also in this case. Apart from that, it’s worth knowing which mistakes should be avoided when running social media profiles. Focus on one or two platforms, especially if your resources are limited. Posts that aren’t published regularly may not bring you any benefits.

Content Creation On Your Own

What if you’re convinced that it’s worth investing in copywriting, yet your budget won’t let you cooperate with a specialist? Well, the first idea that comes to the minds of people running small companies is to create content on their own (check out: content marketing from the outset: what to keep in mind when creating content?). Although it’s possible, lack of appropriate knowledge can make the task complex and time-consuming. It turns out that even the most valuable text that isn’t optimized for the search engine may not serve its purpose as it won’t reach interested parties. Fortunately, some SEO copywriting principles can be learned really quickly thanks to online guides and expert books.
It’s definitely worth gaining such expertise to know what to demand from external copywriters and what to pay special attention to.

Is It Worth Commissioning Copywriting To Professionals?

It’s worth commissioning copywriting to experts as it helps to save both time and money. Such specialists are frequently freelancers and offer their services on various platforms, like Facebook. Unfortunately, finding a specialist isn’t a piece of cake. It’s crucial to conduct thorough research and request a sample text from a given industry. Only then, you’ll be able to determine if the copywriter is truly experienced in the field. In the case of more specialized industries (but not only), cooperation with a copywriter may involve the creation of a brief containing all necessary guidelines. Thus, the message of the content is outlined in a precise way and a copywriter is supposed to write the text accordingly and optimize it for SEO. Without a shadow of a doubt, investing in copywriting pays off. Well-written and optimized texts provide potential customers with necessary pieces of information, help them to make a purchasing decision and support SEO. In the long run, SEO can translate into improved sales. Therefore, it’s a crucial part of the operation of every online business. If you decide to outsource copywriting, familiarize yourself with basic rules of content creation to make sure that the process is more effective and will translate into measurable benefits in the future.
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