Yoast SEO Is Adopting IndexNow



Yoast SEO Is Adopting IndexNow
13 June 2022
Yoast SEO is going to adopt the IndexNow protocol despite being reluctant at first. What changed? Does it mean that IndexNow is the future? Keep reading to find out!



What Is IndexNow?

We already discussed this on our blog, so let’s sum it up quickly. IndexNow is a tool that allows you to notify search engines when you created, updated, or deleted content on your website. IndexNow works quickly and effectively. So, no more waiting for days for crawlers to reach your website.
Want to know more about IndexNow? Check out this entry - https://delante.co/what-is-indexnow/

Yoast & IndexNow

The benefits of IndexNow are clear. Unfortunately, not every search engine adapted it - including Google. But, from what we could recently see, it doesn’t mean that wider adoption in the future is not possible. Joost de Valk, the founder of the WordPress plugin Yoast SEO, was skeptical about the IndexNow protocol at first. However, recently Yoast made an announcement about integrating the plugin with the indexing protocol. So, what changed de Valk’s mind? As we can read from the interview conducted by the Search Engine Journal, Joost de Valk was convinced by the fact that other search engines and systems were adapting IndexNow. Also, its functionality turned out to be more useful than he initially thought:
They changed how it worked a bit (or explained it better) where we only have to ping one endpoint. With that, we basically replace the XML sitemap ping with a call to IndexNow and it’s done. - Joost de Valk
For now, the IndexNow is only available for the Yoast Premium. But, it will probably be featured in the free version as well somehow in the future.

What’s In for the Future?

IndexNow protocol turned out to be a very useful feature. It allows to quickly inform the search engines about changes to the website’s content, thus eliminating the indexing problems. Will Google ever adopt IndexNow? We don’t know that yet, but we are keeping a finger on a pulse. That would certainly be a well-received improvement for anyone who experienced problems with indexing their content.
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