Struggling to promote your CBD business online? CBD SEO can be your way to stand out from competitors and become visible in search results!

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Why Do You Need It?

In 2020, the Cannabis & Hemp industry was valued at a whopping 9.1 billion U.S dollars. Its growth is forecast to rise at an impressive 26.7% with industry revenue projected at over $70 billion by 2028 (source). This makes it one of the fastest-growing and robust industries in the world, with hundreds of new businesses launching globally every year. Competition is fierce as more and more companies vie for a piece of this lucrative market. At first, it might appear that success in an environment with such growth potential might be achieved with little effort, even with the increasing number of competitors, but there’s one major catch.

While cannabis products continue to rise in popularity around the world, there are often regional limitations around their promotion. Local laws may regulate methods allowed in its marketing, and in some cases, advertising may be outright banned. So, how should you approach the marketing and promotion of cannabis-based products? This is where working with an SEO agency with extensive CBD SEO experience can help!

Main Problem of Promoting CBD Online
& How CBD SEO Helps

Promoting your business online is never easy, even all advertising options are available. But things get considerably more complicated when your industry is considered “restricted: the way cannabis products are in many regions. So, what are the specific challenges facing the promotion of Cannabis & Hemp businesses? And more importantly, what makes our CBD SEO so useful?

Misunderstanding the concept of CBD products. Cannabis-based products are often assumed to have psychedelic properties the way THC products do. But many cannabis products such as those containing CBD and medical hemp are completely safe and non-psychedelic. Unfortunately, they are often grouped in with

Different regulations for different markets. Restrictions on CBD and hemp products can vary greatly depending on the region you want to operate in. Although in 2018 the so-called “Farm Bill”, certain hemp substances were removed hemp from the list of controlled substances in the U.S., the regulations surrounding the sale and promotion of CBD products remain blurry.

With that in mind, CBD SEO requires careful legal research with attention paid specifically to rules and regulations.

Last but not least – not every hosting service or domain will even allow CBD-related content. When working in the hemp industry, companies need to research what hosting services will and will not allow. They can either wing it and learn from the other’s mistakes, do their own research, or they can trust an SEO agency with CBD SEO experience to make sure their content is handled properly and delivered only on CBD content-friendly domains.

We cooperate around 2 years, during this time I could see the constant growth of my website position, which brings us a good profit. I appreciate the sharp responsiveness, professionalism, and honesty of Delante. They are always willing to help and open to any new aspects of cooperation.

Konopne - owner

Pawel Krystian


Elements of CBD SEO

Every industry requires a different SEO approach and this, of course, is no different for CBD businesses. Here are the key elements of Delante’s CBD SEO approach:

CBD Website SEO Audit

SEO audit. The first, and incredibly important step of analyzing your website in terms of CBD SEO. Our top priority is to understand what’s working and what’s not, and then discover every possible reason for your brand not being displayed in searches. The initial audit always includes technical analysis (e.g. whether the hosting is CBD content-friendly or that the website set up allows proper optimization), research into the website’s online presence, and content analysis.

keywords selection

Selecting Keywords for CBD Industry

Keywords Selection. In the case of CBD SEO, well-selected keywords are a must to beat the competition and take the website to the top of Google SERPs. With years of experience working with CBD companies, we have honed the most effective method of keyword selection. To get the CBD website directly to its target audience, we focus on long tail phrases, specific keywords that can lead directly to conversions and CBD product sales.

Promoting CBD Business With High-Quality Content

Quality Content. The next stage of our CBD SEO is to optimize your site’s content. It’s where – without any direct ads – we grab the customers’ attention and reinforce your competitive advantage. We’ll create a CBD SEO strategy for your site, planning the frequency of posts, specific topics to focus on, and what materials will provide potential clients with top-notch expert knowledge. With CBD SEO your content is essentially your ad copy, and we know how to make good use of it!

Quality link building services by seo sem agency

CBD SEO Link Building Process

Link Building. An integral part of every CBD SEO strategy is content distribution through link building. Because not every website will publish CBD content, thorough research is needed to find referring domains that will allow backlinks and at the same time will be of the highest quality. Because of our extensive experience in the CBD industry, we have a comprehensive database of domains with top parameters to help build links for our clients. Every link that matches the topic will help build brand awareness and establish you as an expert in the CBD industry.

Why Delante Should Be Your
CBD SEO Agency

Now that you know the importance of arming your business with SEO for CBD, you’re probably wondering what we can offer you. Let’s start by by showing you what you will get when choosing Delante as your CBD SEO agency!

First, we have the experience. For years now, we’ve helped CBD companies gain traffic and increase their online sales. Delante’s specialists are currently managing SEO processes in over 20 countries. Our international experience, knowledge of local laws and regulations, and a solid base of CBD industry know-how make us a perfect fit to handle your CBD SEO.

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International SEO agency

When Will You See the Results
from Your Individual CBD SEO Strategy?

It’s important to understand, SEO strategies take time. But it’s definitely worth the wait as results are long-lasting. Initial effects are usually seen after about 2-3 months from the CBD SEO launch. After that time, you’ll notice an increase in your site’s visibility. Then the organic traffic will grow, eventually bringing better conversion rates.

seo effect

Not convinced yet?
Let’s have a look at some customers’ reviews!

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What You Get When Choosing
Delante’s CBD SEO

SEO consultation link building audit

SEO Specialists team experienced in CBD industry SEO

local seo targeted strategy by seo sem company

An SEO Strategy tailored to the tricky CBD industry, your company’s goals, and international SEO standards

High-quality, conversion-focused content created by experienced copywriters

ads audit

Monthly reports to keep you updated on the whole CBD SEO process

language analysis in content plan

Easy communication via popular online channels, in English & aligned to time zones

Technical seo for wordpress

Professional technology stack for the best analysis and process management

Link-building services

A solid base of CBD industry link sources and manually created high-quality links

A dedicated SEO specialist. No account managers, you work directly with the person responsible for your website optimization.

Our Awards

Award - Global Search Awards 2023 Award - Global Agency Awards 2022 Award - European eCommerce Awards 2022 Award - European Search Awards 2022 Award - Deloitte 2021 Award - Global Digital Excellence Awards 2022 Award - Global Search Award 2022 Award - IPMA Award - US Search Awards 2021

CBD SEO With Delante
How Do We Do It?

Initial SEO

We analyze your website and determine areas to improve it for better CBD SEO performance.

Keywords Selection

Together we choose keywords with the best potential for the CBD market and relevance to your business.

Strategic Action Plan

Based on an SEO audit and keyword analysis we prepare a detailed CBD SEO process strategy.

Technical Optimization

We start working on your website, optimizing it on our own or with cooperation with your developers – your choice.


We support the SEO process with manually created links from quality, CBD-friendly domains to build your site’s link profile and authority.


We prepare an individual content plan and handle the creation of high-quality CBD-related content.

Monthly Reporting

Each month we provide data-packed reports showing the CBD SEO process’s effectiveness and a summary of our work.


From the start of our work together, you have direct contact with an SEO Specialist ready to answer your questions.

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CBD SEO Effects
Our Cients’ Success Stories

We could go on and on bragging about our processes, but we know real-life testimonials speak for themselves. Below, you’ll find the results of CBD SEO for some of our clients.

Client 1 – Online CBD Store

Comparison of monthly organic traffic from the beginning of our work together to the current traffic on the site:

CBD Effects SEO

Website parameters before cooperation:

CBD SEO Effects

CBD SEO Effects on linkbuilding

Current website parameters:

SEO for CBD - effects

SEO for CBD - effects link building

Client 2 – link building for CBD Online Store

In this case, we were assisting the company’s internal SEO team to boost their CBD SEO process with high-quality link building that was supporting their main strategy. We managed the process for 4 distinct markets: Poland, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden.


Website parameters before the cooperation:

SEO for CBD in Denmark

Current parameters:

SEO for CBD in Denmark 2

Increase in visibility on Google.dk

Increasing visibility in Denmark


Website parameters before the cooperation:

CBD SEO in Finland

Current parameters:

Increase in visibility on Google.fi

Increasing visibility in Finland

Good communication is important and Delante knows it. Professionals in every bit. We’ve just started few months ago and I am already impressed.

Walker Wilkerson


How Much Is It Really?

SEO approach
What elements of the SEO do you want us to handle?

Local SEO services USA

Current keyword ranks
How does your website currently rank for relevant CBD-related keywords?

Keywords selection

Keyword competitiveness
How competitive and “difficult” to rank for are the keywords you selected?

Competitors’ activity
Are your main competitors engaged in CBD SEO activities? If so, What is their online marketing strategy?

seo usa market of activity

Market of activity
What market is your CBD business located in? What’s the CBD competitiveness in this region?

Domain history
What’s your domain’s history? Were there any black hat strategies used in the past that would affect a current CBD SEO process?

Website quality local SEO services USA

Website quality
What’s the current quality of your website? How much work will be needed to make it more visible on the online CBD market?

Expected results
What are your expectations regarding CBD SEO results? Are there any specific growth targets you want to reach?

We know it’s a lot to consider when trying to calculate the exact price of CBD SEO. Usually, the range for the process oscillates around $1,000-2,000. At Delante, every budget is set up individually for each client. This is so we can make sure it will cover all the crucial elements and contribute to the best outcome. Often, our clients decide to start with a lower budget but decide to raise it once they realize the effectiveness of our CBD SEO.

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How Do We Spend the Client’s Budget
When Managing their CBD SEO?

During the first month, we tend to add our own resources to ensure a better kick-off of the process. At this stage, the majority of the client’s budget goes to crucial website analysis like SEO audit. But as the process continues, money will be relocated to different process areas according to the website’s needs. This flexibility allows us to shape the CBD SEO in a way that will bring the best results.

seo services budget 1st month

1st month of cooperation

seo services budget 3rd month

3rd month of cooperation

Our Toolkit

Ahrefs Clusteric Google Analytics Google Trends GTmetrix Majestic MOZ Screaming Frog Search Console Semrush Semstorm SEO SpyGlass Tag Manager SEOprofiler
Delante is responsible for SEO for 4 of our European domains (DE, ES, IT, FR). It’s convenient to have one point of contact for all those processes. We definitely see a steady growth in our online visibility.
Agata Jasinska

Agata Jasińska

General Manager

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBD SEO really that different from optimizing regular websites?

To be honest, the SEO process is always slightly different for different industries or markets. However, in the case of CBD SEO, there are more specificities that can be applied only in the CBD industry. The most important thing is that SEO for CBD requires more creativity in the process itself as it has to work around the law regulations and other limitations of CBD promotion. We describe this matter in detail above, check it out!

What kind of SEO agencies do I need to hire for CBD SEO?

When choosing your CBD SEO agency, the ultimate criterion to follow is the agency’s experience. The CBD industry is quite a specific area to work with and it’s best to find an SEO provider that already has a history of working with CBD firms and can prove the effectiveness of CBD SEO. That’s why we’d recommend starting your research by looking into SEO firms’ case studies.

What’s the usual SEO for CBD price?

The price for CBD SEO cooperation will vary depending on different factors (such as website current condition, domain age, domain history, etc.). However, usually, the prices start at $1000-2000 per cooperation. If you want to know more about the elements influencing the final price of CBD SEO – check above.

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