Changing SEO Agency – What Do You Need to Know?

Changing SEO Agency – What Do You Need to Know?
23 March 2022
Sometimes, the risks of changing SEO agency seem too large. There is uncertainty, indecision, fear of rank loss, and more. There are many things to consider and you can never be sure if changing SEO agency will even help. Luckily, there are solid things you can think about before you commit to the process!
Table of contents: In this article, we will walk you through the risks of changing SEO agency as well as the benefits of doing so. SEO takes time, so getting professionals to do it for you is important. Unfortunately, your first choice might not be the best and you'll have to consider a change. From a potential drop in service quality to a lack of tangible results, the reasons for changing SEO agency can be very different. Know what you’re getting into beforehand, then make your choice – it could be the most important business decision for your company.

Why Would You Want to Change Your SEO Agency?

There are many reasons why you might want to consider changing your SEO agency. Most obviously, the one you are currently paying for might not bring the best results, or even may be hindering your success. Because of this, it’s important to always keep your metrics in mind and see if the growth of your site is to your liking. Bad results from an SEO agency will definitely impact business negatively, so you need to prevent that. Another reason for changing could be a lack of clear communication and goal-setting or even a lack of communication at all. If you don't know what your agency is doing, you have no idea if you're spending your money well. If your SEO agency is not transparent about its actions - this is a big red flag. Finding the proper SEO agency for your needs is often the best thing you can do for the success of your business. Getting your search ranking results as high as possible is the goal and the right agency can really help! google rank position

What are the Risks of Changing SEO Agency?

While changing your SEO agency might seem like the best option, there are many things to consider before doing so. You will most likely experience a series of low metrics for some time before the new agency can re-stabilize the situation Of course, this could lead to outstanding results and benefits in the long-term. This means that you must weigh the cost/benefit of the scenario carefully before you fully commit to a large change. That being said, the impact of a new agency could be all your business needs to succeed tremendously! After researching and reviewing  SEO agencies, it’s time to make your choice. Before you do so, here are some risks of changing SEO agency to consider in depth before you decide to let your current SEO agency go:

Drop in Ranking

The biggest fear for most people is also one of the most likely scenarios of switching an SEO agency. Unless your current agency is literally doing nothing for you (or even hindering your performance), you face the possibility that your position in the rankings will fall. This will have a significant impact for some time and needs to be accounted for.

Drop in Organic Traffic

With the drop of your current position in the rankings, you will experience a reduced traffic load to your site. Traffic is almost completely contingent on search ranking and if it drops, so too will the people coming to your site. Of course, a drop in traffic can also be attributed to a new strategy employed by a new agency, so things are not always so certain.
Changing your SEO agency will never mean an immediate improvement in rankings, but it could mean an overall positive in the months to come.
This is a major issue that many people have to think about when it comes to changing SEO agency. Many agencies use their own backlinks for their clients, rooting themselves firmly in your domain’s infrastructure. By doing so, they also have developed a mechanism by which they can harm you for leaving them. Make sure that your backlinks are secure and will not be negatively affected by an agency change! This is also one of the reasons you will want to change agencies. This is not the way typical agencies operate!
Working with Delante you can be sure that your backlinks are safe, we will never do anything to harm your website!

How Can You Avoid the Risks - The Delante’s Way

The best thing about professional SEO agencies is that they are prepared well in advance to combat all of these risks! From a ranking decrease to shady business practices and more, SEO experts will be able to mitigate these downsides as much as possible. At Delante we know very well how to avoid these risks and prevent the negative effects of changing SEO agency. This is how we prepare for it:
When changing SEO agencies it is always important to be transparent. Of course, we understand that this involves the know-how of a given company, so we do not expect all the details. However, we should know the budget on which your previous agency worked, their goals and the general strategy of how they wanted to achieve them. We should know the scope of their activities - for example, if they created content for the website and if so, how much, or what was the amount of development and onsite work. It is very important to know the scope of offsite work and whether the previous agency will not remove created backlinks or will not conduct any negative SEO actions (it is very rare in the industry now, but it is worth to keep the finger on the pulse). It is also worth analyzing the website (we always start our cooperation with a full SEO audit) - then we are able to assess the effects of previously performed actions, determine areas for improvement and elements that work well. You should also take care to pass on access to the website and analytical tools. Asia - SEO Specialist   Asia Nicpoń SEO Specialist at Delante
Before you choose an agency, you must ask yourself: are these people being open, honest, and transparent with me? Professionals understand that this is one of the most important attributes to have in this space and will make sure to answer all your questions. You should know beforehand your allocated budget and what precisely the agency is expected to do with it. You must know and understand their goals and how they attempt to execute their general strategy to achieve your desired results. This is important not only when you decide to change your agency but throughout your whole cooperation.
Do you want to change your SEO agency? Let's talk about it!
While becoming increasingly rare, the risk of backlink abuse as listed above is still important enough to mention. Be sure to ask your new SEO agency what their backlink policy is before you begin! Finally, it is also important to decide what access you are willing to provide for your new agency. By allowing an agency full access to your domain, they can analyze it properly and assess previously-taken actions, find areas to improve and offer feedback on elements that are working well. This will help to reduce the possible negative impact of changing SEO agency.

Changing SEO Agency Doesn’t Have to Hurt!

In fact, changing SEO agency can be the best way to get your business back on track!  By taking the leap with a new agency, your metrics can improve greater than you thought possible. Not only that, your company’s SEO efficiency can skyrocket. The trick is to find the SEO agency that’s right for you! With this guide, you’ll be better able to vet agencies and determine if they fit your needs. The future of your website can expand dramatically if you have the right partners and representation! At Delante we are experienced at working with different clients. Some of them had a bad experience with their previous agencies, but we managed to get them back on the right track. Contact us and find out what can we do for your business to succeed!
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