SEO – How Long Does it Take?

SEO – How Long Does it Take?

Many people associate various SEO activities with rapid improvements which enable you to make money hand over fist. And indeed, the effectiveness of SEO can be really spectacular. However, in vast majority of cases even the slightest increases result from hard and time consuming work that can take up to several months. Of course, it isn’t always the rule. So what determines how long it’ll take to achieve the first SEO successes, given that the process is so diverse and individual?

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It usually takes some time before you can notice any effects of SEO. However, some industries and companies need to be more patient than others which often evokes negative emotions. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the emotional reactions in most cases are rather exaggerated and after a while humble SEO beginnings turn out to be extremely effective. But what influences your patience span?

What influences duration of the SEO process?

1. Industry in which a given company operates

The industry in which a given company operates is one of the most important factors that every SEO professional has to face. The industry is the force that determines not only the potential of your competition on the market but also how time consuming it’ll be to significantly improve the positions of selected phrases in the search results. When you offer specialized and rare products rather than something easily accessible or popular, it’s much easier to be ranked high in the search results. It’s also very important to decide whether a given website wants to operate only locally or nationally – the greater the range of activities, the more complicated the task for the SEO professional.

2. SEO company and its game plan

Skills and experience are precious in every field, including SEO. A well-versed SEO professional will undoubtedly be able to choose activities in such a way that they’ll gradually contribute to the effectiveness of the company. Your SEO strategy is another factor of great importance – focusing on rapid improvement of positions in the search results brings completely different benefits than focusing on broad SEO. Adjusting the strategy to the set objectives is the key to success!

3. History of the website

It often happens that websites go the rounds and not every owner takes care of them properly. A site that now aspires to be a popular online store, might have once been regarded as spam by Google robots. When banns, blockades or various filters had been imposed on the website, its further SEO activities may be noticeably hindered even if the site has been completely changed since then. Restoring the browser trust can take a very long time! But contrary to what you may think now, newly created pages also come across such problems – Google needs to make sure that they’re worthy of interest. Due to the above factors it’s necessary to approach the SEO process in an individualized and more vigilant way.

4. Competition on the market and its activities

No one is alone on the Internet and even the top online stores have to come to terms with the fact that they’ve competition on the market which also may want to implement SEO activities. In such a situation, the task of SEO professionals also gets a little more complicated – they’ve to compete for phrases not only with the search engine but also with their potential rivals on the market that are supported by SEO. This, in turn, may lead to a significant increase of the time essential to achieve satisfying results.

5. Design and content of the website

Customers, similarly to robots, are rather reluctant to visit websites with old fashioned design. Unfriendly design, unclear interface and empty pages are a simple recipe to prolong your road to success. However, intuitive website design isn’t enough – the content is equally important. Although Google is unlikely to buy any of your products, it’s vividly interested in the content published on your subpages. The lack of texts may be harmful to the position of the website in the search results, but on the other hand, if the content is properly optimized it can shorten your road to the top positions.

6. Website parameters

During the SEO process, it’s not only the website itself that matters. The way it’s viewed by the systems receiving its parameters is equally important. A website with a low page authority certainly doesn’t have many chances to be immediately ranked high in the search results. Moreover, there are plenty of other factors that have an impact on the position of your website and valuable backlinks are one of them. They highly influence whether Google sees a given site positively and decides to recommend it to the users.

Three, six, nine months… When will the results be visible?

The answer is simple, you can expect satisfactory results when both the condition and content of your website are comprehensively improved. This process can take even up to several months but if it’s consistently continued it can give spectacular results.

The first three months of the SEO process turn out to be crucial for its overall effectiveness. This is the time when SEO professionals familiarize themselves with the content of the website and develop a strategy that best suits its needs. This is also a stage during which personalized keywords appropriate for a particular client are chosen. Simultaneously, the specialists prepare an audit that aims at indicating the problems that a given website struggles with and finding solutions that will solve the issues once and for all.

Most often, the website optimization process also begins within the first three months. For professionals it’s time of acquiring the first external links leading to a given site. They aim at improving the parameters of the website which would facilitate subsequent updates.

Remember that during the first three months of the process, you shouldn’t expect a sharp increase in the number of new visits to the website. However, during this time, the visibility of particular subpages and individual phrases may improve – and these are the factors that in the long run will result in the success of your site. First improvements will be visible from 3 to 6 months from the start of the SEO process. This is when you’ll experience the increase in traffic, meaning the number of visitors to your website. Nevertheless, if you want to translate these results into improvement of your conversion rate, you’ll have to wait – this phenomena is usually visible from 6 to 12 months from the start of the SEO process. Bear in mind that the process may take much longer, if the value of your website has decreased before the SEO campaign began, some extra time will be essential to rebuild what was lost earlier.

SEO - how long does it take to see results?

Thanks to a carefully planned strategy, Maleomi, one of the Delante’s clients, has achieved spectacular results. This kitchen and home accessory store initially faced a number of challenges – from an incorrectly optimized homepage to general keyword phrases at the very end of the search results. In the Maleomi’s case study, our specialists applied a long-tail SEO strategy, which aims at attracting online shop customers. The strategy was consistently implemented for 9 months and during this time the organic traffic increased by 101% thanks to which the shop was more popular on the search list than the Pusheen phrase!

Maleomi - organic traffic
Increase in organic traffic on the website during our cooperation

However, Maleomi was a website which had already operated for several years. The case study of Klinika Zakrzewscy presents a completely different situation when a new website starts from scratch. The relocation to a new domain was challenging, especially with the goal of maintaining and then increasing the organic traffic throughout the operation. Consistently implemented strategy made the whole process successful – both the traffic and visibility of the new domain improved significantly.

SEO effects - Klinika
Pageviews and clicks of the Klinika Zakrzewscy website from the relocation to the new domain up till December 2018

But a long waiting time doesn’t have to be the rule. Sometimes websites are prone to react positively to any activities of SEO professionals. As an example we can discuss the Daniken’s case study – this company improved its traffic to the website by 160% just in three months. Here, technically incorrect URLs construction, poorly optimized homepage and lack of metadata were the key problems. However, thanks to the broad SEO all of the problems have been successfully solved.

Daniken seo results
Increase in the organic traffic to the Daniken website during three months of cooperation

Website optimization? Be patient!

As you can see from the above examples, there is no single formula determining how long it takes to achieve the desired effects of the SEO process. However, it can be safely said that no matter what kind of website we’re dealing with, a consistently implemented SEO process can give astounding results. Remember it’s worth hiring a professional – this is a person able to choose a strategy that will pay off in the future and will be suitable for your website.

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