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Client Goals


Drive more organic traffic to the website

HomeKONCEPT is a Polish Architectural & Interior Design firm that designs residential buildings, including houses and other living spaces. In 2019, they reached out to us for help in driving more prospective clients to their website.


Boost income

Another objective was to help the Client’s website generate more income. To accomplish this goal, we had to introduce some technical SEO improvements and enhance the overall user experience on the website.

SEO Team

I totally love working with HomeKONCEPT! We’re on a tight budget, so their support and teamwork are super important. HomeKONCEPT really gets us – they’re all about our ideas, long-term thinking, and considering the big picture. We’ve even discussed marketing-related things like Social Media and PR, and how they impact SEO. They’re all in when it comes to creating content. And it’s paying off big time! The Client is seeing a real boost in conversions.

 Moreover, our collaboration is amazing! We’ve got this awesome, constant communication going on, mainly with one person, which makes our dialog way more convenient. We’re excited about getting even better results after launching the new website (Spoiler alert! I’ve seen the mock-ups, and it’s going to be amazing! 🔥).

Joanna Nicpoń
Joanna Nicpoń Senior SEO Specialist

On-Site Strategy

Doing Strategic Keyword Research & Selection

We started with our standard procedure: running keyword analysis and doing an SEO audit. This helped us identify the key areas to focus on initially and create an effective SEO strategy to deliver the best possible outcomes for HomeKONCEPT.

Why we did it

Using the right keywords for web content – especially for products or service pages – can make a big difference in getting a website noticed by the target audience. It’s also a great way to boost brand visibility and create content that really speaks to the prospects. When choosing brand-related long-tail keywords for website optimization, a brand increases its chances of being found by potential clients.

We were working in a super smooth collaboration with our Client. Whenever HomeKONCEPT introduced a new category page or needed us to improve the rankings of an existing one, mostly because it holds significance at a given time, our task was to:

  • carefully choose keywords that would drive valuable traffic to the given category page
  • create blog posts on related topics to strengthen and enhance visibility for specific phrases, enabling us to build Topical Authority
  • optimize content written by the Client (eg. blog posts, project descriptions, and category pages) for better performance in SERP
  • do strategic internal linking to improve website navigation and help search engines understand the structure and relevance of the web content

This collaborative approach clearly bore its fruit. Below is an example of the impressive results we achieved in the “modern villas” category (green color – current position, red – initial position):

improved keywords positions

Deleting the Home Page Redirect

Once the SEO audit and keyword research were completed, we moved on to working on the home page.

Why we did it

Search engines consider the home page to be one of the most critical pages on a website. It often accumulates the most inbound links and authority. Redirecting it to a category page could dilute this authority and negatively affect the overall SEO performance of the website.

Our SEO audit revealed that the home page of HomeKONCEPT was redirected to the category page devoted to home plans – https://www.homekoncept.com.pl/projekty-domow. Placing the home page in a subdirectory has more downsides than advantages, as it generally weakens the overall strength of the website. Additionally, the redirection resulted in a longer chain of redirects between versions (e.g., HTTP → HTTPS), leading to slower page loading time.

redirects on homekoncept website

To fix that, we suggested making a couple of changes to the chain of redirects. As a result, the home page got visibly stronger, and one of the target keywords, which is “projekty domów”, became more stable. Before, this keyword constantly changed its matches, meaning it wasn’t assigned to one page.

At the start of our collaboration, the keyword was a bit all over the place:

new keyword match

After fixing the redirection problem, it’s the home page that is being sown for the very keyword.

main page keyword match

Fixing Internal & External Linking

When we were done with the home page and redirects, we could start working on linking.

Why we did it

Internal linking helps search engines understand a website’s organization and content relevance. Moreover, it enhances user navigation, encouraging visitors to explore more pages and stay engaged. External linking, in turn, increases the website’s credibility and authority, promoting getting higher positions in search rankings.

We found a large number of links leading to external destinations (e.g. Social Media and partner websites) without the proper “rel=’nofollow’” attribute. This was definitely one of the reasons why HomeKONCEPT was losing its website’s authority and strength. To change that, we used the “nofollow” attributes on those links.

We also applied the attribute to a few internal links, like “projekty domów” (EN “house plans”) in the menu to eliminate the problem of cannibalization.

To further enhance the website performance, we carried on with optimizing the internal linking, ensuring proper anchor texts.

Links marked red indicate the links with added “nofollow” attribute:

internal linking with nofollow attribute

Developing the Potential of Company Blog + Reducing Cannibalization

At that stage, most technical aspects of website optimization were handled successfully. This allowed us to shift our focus to content, helping it do its job.

Why we did it

Running a company blog is vital for SEO as it continuously provides fresh, relevant content that search engines like. Publishing blog posts regularly enables businesses to target specific keywords and improve their website’s visibility in search results. Additionally, a well-maintained blog enhances user engagement, earns backlinks, and establishes the company as an authoritative source in its industry, further boosting its overall SEO performance.

HomeKONCEPT had a company blog that was bringing in some organic traffic, but it wasn’t fully using its potential. Most of the blog post topic ideas often lead to content duplication. So, instead of working to the website’s advantage, those new blog posts had a negative impact on the website’s visibility. On top of that, the blog posts weren’t often properly optimized.

To address this issue, our Content Team did two things:

  • provided HomeKONCEPT with guidelines for writing blog articles and
  • developed a customized content plan, which included topic ideas that aligned with HomeKONCEPT’s PR strategy.

To boost website authority, our Content Team suggested preparing a few industry-specific articles showcasing HomeKONCEPT’s expertise, such as legal regulations related to home construction. Another type of content that aimed at making the website more trustworthy for the target audience and search engines was the lifestyle guides for home decoration and furniture. Those pieces of writing were created together with our copywriters.

Each article and blog post was individually optimized for the chosen keywords. They were also formatted for better readability and enriched with internal linking.

Optimizing Graphics & Images

Visual content is super important for businesses like HomeKONCEPT as this is what gets people excited about choosing a home plan and blueprints. That’s why we had to figure out the perfect balance between making the images small enough to load fast and being still big enough for customers to easily read and explore every detail in the plans without feeling overwhelmed.

Why we did it

Images and all types of graphics must be well-optimized because this significantly improves page load times. When pages load quickly, it positively impacts user experience and reduces bounce rates. Additionally, properly optimized images with descriptive alt text can help search engines understand the content of the images, improving the website’s overall visibility and potential for ranking higher in image search results.

Undoubtedly, graphics, images, and in general the digitalized representations of homes play a huge role in the home architecture industry – there is barely another way for people to make up their minds and select a home plan without seeing the options first.

That’s why our task was to make the images and graphics satisfy the preferences of clients and search engines.

While optimizing the images, we noticed that many photos lacked alternative descriptions, which we handled straightaway. After finishing this stage, we provided HomeKONCEPT with guidance on how to add and formulate alt descriptions to their visual content.

Result? More of the images published on the Client’s website show up on Google Images.

graph showing the amount of graphics in google images

Let’s work on your website together!

Off-Site Strategy

Alongside running the on-site process, we were also working on increasing the number of backlinks. The main aim was to make the Client’s domain stronger and more authoritative.

Here are the domain metrics before our collaboration with HomeKONCEPT:

homekoncpet website parameters before optimization

Below is the number of referral domains and backlinks leading to the Client’s website:

homekoncept backlinks before optimization

For comparison, below there are website metrics after implementing our customized SEO strategy for HomeKONCEPT:

homekoncpet parameters after optimization

and the number of referral domains and backlinks leading to the Client’s website:

homekoncept lbacklinks after optimization

What’s important to notice: The decrease in the number of backlinks isn’t always a bad thing. In this particular case, it actually signifies a backlink clean-up, which promotes a stronger backlink profile. The removed backlinks include suspicious links originating from Asia.

list of lost backlinks


The cooperation with HomeKONCEPT was truly successful and resulted in positive outcomes.

RESULT 1 Significant visibility growth

homekoncept graph increase in visibility

RESULT 2 More organic traffic

It’s worth noting that when we began working together, the website was facing a downward trend in year-over-year organic traffic. Luckily, through our mutual efforts, we successfully turned things around and managed to reverse that decline.

homeconcept chart increase in organic traffic

RESULT 3 Increase in revenue

Over just six months (September 2020 – February 2021), in a year-over-year comparison, organic traffic rose by 34.66%, and revenue from organic traffic surged by 108.60%!

homekoncept graph cooperation results

Working with Delante has had a profound impact on our company. I really appreciate the fact that I work with just two specialists – one handling SEO and the other dealing with SEM. Together, we discuss any changes and plan our next steps, while also staying responsive to ongoing site developments. This dynamic combination of SEO, SEM, and our internal operations has delivered excellent results for HomeKONCEPT.

Izabela - homekoncept

Izabela Jozwik

Marketing Manager

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