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What is the A9 Algorithm? – Definition

The A9 algorithm is the system used by Amazon to choose which products appear in search results. When customers search for a particular product on the website, the algorithm, taking into account a number of factors, attempts to best match search results to the customer’s query.

The fundamental mechanism of the A9 algorithm is based on keywords. What distinguishes it from search engines such as Google is the strong emphasis on behavioral factors: CTR (number of clicks in search results), sales conversion rate, and sales value itself (depending on how many products a user bought at once).

Amazon is a trading company and therefore products that rank higher in search results are those that are more likely to generate sales – they have a good sales history and a high conversion rate.

We have prepared a comprehensive guide on how to master Amazon SEO and improve product rankings.

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What Are the Key Factors of the A9 Algorithm?

The key factors of Amazon’s A9 algorithm that determine the ranking of search results for a given product include:

  • Sales history (CTR, CR, sales value) – the better the product sells on Amazon, the higher the ranking in search results.
  • Price – the price you set for your product can significantly affect conversion rates and sales performance.
  • Text is correctly matched to a given query – taking into account such criteria as title and product descriptions.
  • Product Availability – the history of products in stock can certainly help you determine the ranking of products for a given product search.
  • Quality and quantity of images – images are not a direct factor related to the performance in the Amazon ranking. However, they have a significant impact on the click rate as well as the conversion rate.
  • Customer feedback – Reviews are another indirect factor that can affect your product ranking on Amazon. Customer feedback can significantly affect the conversion rate, which will contribute to a higher product ranking.
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