What is Bing? – Definition

Bing is a search engine launched by Microsoft in 2009. Earlier, since 2005, it functioned under the name MSN Search, and in 2006 it was changed to Windows Live Search. The search engine operates worldwide, although due to the legislation in some countries such as China and India, there are local restrictions on some inquiries. The search engine is gaining in popularity. For many years now, Bing has been cooperating with Yahoo to develop its services and compete with Google.

Bing Search Engine

How Does the Bing Search Engine Work?

The interface of the search engine is intuitive and user-friendly where in the central part, you will find a search bar. Above there are links to search for various types of content such as images, videos, news, or maps. Bing after signing up for the Live service also allows quick access to tools, e.g. to Office Online or Outlook mail. The search engine has a minimalistic design and every day a different graphic appears in the background. What’s more, Bing is also adapted to mobile devices.

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