Bid Adjustment

What is Bid Adjustment? – Definition

With bid adjustment, you have more control over your campaign budget and/or ad group. You can set a high or low bid for:

  • devices – tablets, computers, mobiles,
  • geographic locations – countries, cities, provinces, regions, and even geo codes,
  • ad schedule,
  • the most popular content on YouTube and Display Network,
  • targeting methods (topics, placements, etc.),
  • remarketing lists,
  • demographics – gender, age, income,
  • call adjustments – including call-only ads and call extensions.

Bid adjustment is available for search, display network, product, and video campaigns, although not in each of the above categories.

what are bid adjustments

Bid Adjustment in Practice

Let’s assume that your toy campaign is doing well on computers. In this case, you can increase your bid by, for example, 20% on computers. This way, you’ll increase your bid on computers, but at the same time, your ad will be displayed to more users.

In turn, if you don’t want your ad to be displayed on mobile devices, you can set an adjustment of -100%, which will exclude your ads from being displayed on this type of device.

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