Dofollow Link

What is Dofollow Link? – Definition

Dofollow links instruct search engine robots to visit a page to which a given link leads. They also pass value from one page to another (this is called link equity or link juice). These links are default (unless you change it in your CMS settings).

Dofollow attribute - Delante SEO/SEM Glossary

Strengths and Weaknesses:

  • Dofollow links are essential in the SEO process as they pass SEO value from one page to another. Thus, a page that leads to another page may be followed by search engine robots;
  • if a dofollow link is put on a page with a high Page Trust score, then the page shares the trust level with the linked page. However, if the linked page has a low level of Page Trust or other SEO parameters, then this link won’t contribute to rankings in the search results.
  • dofollow links allow to include a given keyword in anchor text which has an impact on improving its ranking.

Within one site, most internal links should be dofollow, as Google and other search engines crawlers should be able to reach any page of the site.

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