What is Moz? – Definition

Moz is a popular all-in-one SEO tool that allows you to explore and monitor site parameters. The software is available in two options: free-of-charge and a full subscription.

Moz Allows the Examination of Parameters, Such As:

  • inbound links,
  • linking domains,
  • domain authority (DA),
  • page authority (PA),
  • spam score.

Potential of the Tool

Moz is particularly useful when planning and monitoring the link building process, as this tool provides the following data: inbound links (the number of backlinks), discovered and lost linking domains, link profiles. Unlike other SEO tools, Moz has a much larger (and constantly expanded) link base, which totals over 35.5 trillion. Moz also offers a free-of-charge web browser extension, MozBar.

The Moz tool allows you to quickly analyze the performance and potential of pages in the search results. It presents results on a scale from 0 to 100. It is recommended to use it for data comparison, especially in relation to parameters provided by Ahrefs, another widely popular SEO tool.

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