What is Naver? – Definition

Naver is a well-known search engine from South Korea, which was created in 1999 and not so long ago was the most popular search engine in this country (in 2017, 75% of all searches were done in Naver).

Naver was the first search engine that introduced in 2000 the ‘comprehensive search’ service – thanks to this solution, users get results from different search formats on one page (Google launched a similar function 5 years later). Naver has also introduced many other services, such as Knowledge iN, the Q&A platform (similar to Yahoo! Answers), Naver Blog, Naver Webtoon, or Naver Cafe.

Naver definition

Naver and SEO

Naver actively promotes its services, which is why they cover a large part of the search results. Content is assessed with 2 core algorithms and other additional factors. These 2 algorithms are C-Rank (Creator Rank), which focuses on Naver UGC, and P-Rank, which uses artificial intelligence to evaluate the quality of websites. It is worth taking into account the correct heading structure, user-centered content, and natural internal and external links.

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