What is TrustRank? – Definition

TrustRank is an algorithm aimed at evaluating the quality of web content. This algorithm was introduced in addition to PageRank, which stands for valuable, informative websites. TrustRank analyzes the web content, backlinks and external links as well as checks whether the content refers to specific user queries. Based on this information, the algorithm is able to recognize unique text from spam content.

Although the algorithm has no direct correlation with the position of a given page in the search results, its high score may suggest that the content is unique and valuable to users.

What is TrustRank?

TrustRank in Practice

Imagine you run your own online store. Your goal is to attract as many customers as possible and therefore increase your conversion rate. There are a few things to keep in mind if you want Google to ‘trust’ your website. Firstly, the content on your website shouldn’t be duplicated, make sure it is unique and regularly updated. It is also important to ensure that external links lead to highly valuable sites, and that backlinks don’t come from spam sources.

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