URL Rating

What is URL Rating? – Definition

URL Rating (UR) is one of the SEO metrics provided by Ahrefs, a widely popular toolset. It allows to analyze the link profile quality leading to the indicated website.

How to Interpret the URL Rating?

This metric values a given page on a 100-point scale. The rule is simple: the lower the number, the weaker a link profile is. Websites which have high quality links (both internal and external links) will receive the best possible score – 100. According to Ahrefs’ developers, this metric is correlated with the Google ranking and enables to efficiently measure the link profile quality.

URL Rating - definition

What’s the Difference Between URL Rating and Domain Rating?

The URL Rating can be tested on both homepage and individual pages of a given site; simply put, it’s a page-level metric. Due to differences in the backlinks profile which lead to particular pages, this parameter may take different values within one website. Domain Rating, on the other hand, receives one score for the entire domain and shows the overall condition of a website.

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