White Hat SEO

What is White Hat SEO? – Definition

White Hat SEO – all SEO strategies on-site and off-site that are fully consistent with the guidelines set by Google. Optimization in line with White Hat SEO techniques makes the website more attractive for both users and Google robots. Good SEO practices are specified in Google’s webmaster guidelines. White Hat SEO techniques are, above all, designed to increase the value of a website.

White Hat SEO Definition

The opposite of these practices is Black Hat SEO, i.e. methods that do not comply with Google’s rules. These include spam and many other practices for which a website may get a Google penalty, which results in removal from the index or decrease in visibility.

White Hat SEO in Practice

Among the basic elements of good SEO practices, there are:

  • metadata optimization,
  • keyword research,
  • improving user experience (UX),
  • creating and expanding high-quality content on the website,
  • introducing structured data.
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