Google Ads Advantages – Why Should You Invest in Paid Ads?

Google Ads Advantages – Why Should You Invest in Paid Ads?

Apart from helping you to acquire new customers, choose your target audience, or determine the ad budget, Google Ads offers much more. What are the advantages of Google Ads? Keep reading!

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Great visibility, personalization, and cost control are indisputable advantages of Google Ads, the leading online advertising system.

You can read about it in our Google Ads guide.

What actually is it? In simple words, it’s a system that makes it possible to create ads on the search network or ad network, and affiliate portals. So what are the advantages of Google Ads?

Advantages of Google Ads: What Makes Them so Popular and Effective?

What makes this form of advertising stand out from the crowd? What benefits can Google Ads bring that press or TV advertising doesn’t offer to us?

They’re Visible and Noticeable

By far, ads displayed at the top or side of the search results are the most popular ones. Take a look at the image below:

Google Ads SERP

As you can see, it’s hard not to notice them! 😉

Some users who aren’t really into online marketing may not even realize that they’re clicking on an ad, not on the most relevant page, matching the query they typed in.

Moreover, ads are also displayed at the bottom of the search results, so if users don’t find the answer to their query in the organic results, they may still click on the ads.

Tailoring the Ads to the Target Group

A leading feature of online advertising is that it gives you a wide range of opportunities to reach a specific customer. With the right algorithms, you can tailor your ad to a given target group.

Moreover, you can display your product to those currently looking for it. This allows you to put yourself in the shoes of the person who is thinking about buying specific products or considering multiple options. Based on that, you can create an adequate advertising creative.

Traditional advertising can’t guarantee such precise targeting, so this is one of the greatest advantages of Google Ads.

Google ads adventages

A Wide Selection of Ad Types

When using Google Ads, you can choose from many types of ads. They differ not only in advertising forms, but also applications and purposes. Therefore, if you want to promote products in your online store, you’ll need a different type of campaign than for improving brand awareness or traffic in a brick-and-mortar shop. Currently, users can choose from the following types of advertising campaigns:

  • in the Google search network
  • in the Google advertising network
  • in the Google shopping network (product ads)
  • videos
  • promoting applications
  • local
  • Discovery
  • Performance Max

Keeping Costs Under Control

An undoubted advantage of Google Ads is that you also control costs. To begin with, there is no minimum budget imposed. You pay as much as you consider fair.

Of course, it’s worth tailoring the budget to the competitiveness of the industry. A too-small budget can hinder your chances of winning auctions and being displayed in the search results.

You can also freely determine the amount you want to spend in a given time period. This includes amounts spent per day, month or ad.

What’s more, you can manage advertising budgets. At any time it’s possible to pause activities, increase the rate of a campaign that brings good results, or lower the rate of one that doesn’t meet your expectations.

On the other hand, traditional ads don’t give you practically any control over the costs. It’s also worth noting that in the vast majority of cases, traditional advertising costs an arm and a leg.

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Ad Performance Information and Other Data

When a user clicks on your Google ad, you’ll know about it. If someone finalizes a transaction and reaches your online store thanks to Google Ads, you’ll be able to learn about it from relevant data.

Google Ads offers a variety of data. Why should you check it? Because that will help you decide which campaigns are the most effective, and then organize the budget accordingly to make more profits. Moreover, you can easily check which target group converts the most or what type of devices are typically used to finalize transactions.

automated bidding in google ads

The Possibility to Manage Ads on an Ongoing Basis

Unlike traditional ads, Google Ads campaigns can be managed on an ongoing basis. This gives you incredible comfort and the ability to react instantly to any changes.

Are you introducing a new special offer? Create ads and Google will start displaying them even on the same day! Want to change the graphics in your ads to new, more up-to-date ones? Just edit the current ads!

However, managing campaigns in Google Ads isn’t a piece of cake. While the basic tasks shouldn’t be problematic, you may need the help of specialists to achieve satisfying results.

At Delante, we offer comprehensive help with Google Ads campaigns! Request a free quote and attract new customers with our support!

Diversified Bid Strategies

When using Google Ads, you typically don’t pay per ad display, but per click on a link, graphic or video that redirects users to a selected website. The platform offers various bid strategies. Currently, in addition to the CPC (cost per click advertising) model, you can also choose from:

  • eCPC – enhanced cost-per-click, in which algorithms decide the amount per click, taking into account the goal of maximizing the number of conversions,
  • CPM – cost per thousand ad impressions,
  • CPV – cost per view of a video ad,
  • CPA – cost per conversion,
  • ROAS – target return on advertising expenditures, in which the system itself determines the maximum amount per conversion to achieve the desired level of return.

Ad Extensions

Google Ads also allows you to have additional information displayed together with your ads. This can further entice the user to click. These are called ad extensions. Currently, you can use several types of them, including:

  • links to pages,
  • information,
  • explanations,
  • graphic,
  • phone number
  • and more

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Google Ads Advantages – The Takeaway

When talking about the advantages of Google Ads, we need to mention that this advertising tool offers plenty of interesting possibilities. Above, we discussed the main advantages of this system and juxtaposed it with traditional advertising.

However, it’s worth noting that the potential of Google Ads doesn’t always translate into great effects. First of all, it’s worth keeping in mind that Google needs to earn from the ads.

In Q3 2021 Google’s total ad revenue was as high as $53.13 billion! To compare, in the same period a year earlier it made $37.1 billion. Does it mean that Google is just getting started?

Search ads which are Google Ads’ flagship product generated as much as $37.93 billion in Q3 2021, up from $26.34 billion the year before. Video ads on Youtube also recorded significant growth. Compared to the previous year period, they achieved 43% growth in Q3 2021.

Google Ads list of adavantages

As you can see, there are many advantages of Google Ads.

Broad targeting options, ongoing control over costs and access to a large amount of data for effective management attract numerous companies that decide to invest in this form of advertising.

If you’re in business, it’s very likely that this is how your competitors promote their offers. Don’t allow them to leave you behind.

Choose Google Ads and start promoting your range online.

If you need help with Google Ads campaigns – feel free to contact our specialists. They’ll be happy to help you!


There are many advantages of Google Ads and reasons why it’s worth choosing it. It allows you to personalize your ads, use extensions, control costs, and choose from a wide range of bid strategies. In addition, you can manage these ads on an ongoing basis. To discover more advantages of Google Ads, check out today’s article.

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