Google Analytics 4 Conversion News

Google Analytics 4 Conversion News
30 June 2023
Google has made an announcement regarding a new update focused on conversions. Discover more about these settings, which aim to provide deeper insights into the return on investment of your Google Ads.

What’s the Change in Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 has introduced customizable settings for conversion attribution, enabling users to assign conversions either to paid Google Ads campaigns exclusively or to a combination of paid and organic channels. This update empowers website owners to tailor their attribution approach based on their specific advertising strategies and goals.

By providing flexibility in attribution, Google Analytics 4 allows for more accurate measurement and analysis of the impact of different marketing channels on conversions.

This update offers a valuable opportunity for those who prioritize the ROI of their Google Ads, allowing them to focus on data from this specific channel.

Alternatively, selecting both organic and paid channels provides a comprehensive view of the overall impact of your digital marketing strategy, enabling a holistic approach to campaign analysis.

How to Make the Setting Change?

Check out this Twitter post to find out where exactly you can find the new setting:

Import Your GA4 Conversion Data Into Google Ads

To optimize your bids and potentially enhance their performance, Google recommends importing conversion data from Google Analytics 4 into Google Ads. By doing so, you can conveniently access web and app conversions directly within Google Ads, eliminating the need to switch back and forth between GA4 and Google Ads. This integration streamlines the process and enables more efficient bid optimization, ultimately improving your overall advertising outcomes.

Google continues to enhance the integration between Google Analytics 4 and Google Ads with this latest development. This effort signifies Google’s ongoing dedication to improving the synergy between these two platforms, providing users with a seamless and cohesive experience when leveraging the power of data analytics and advertising campaigns.

Universal Analytics is going away soon! If you need help with transitioning to Google Analytics 4 check out our free GA4 ebook, or choose our Implementation and Configuration of Google Analytics 4 service!

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