Google Announces Search Ranking Update to Go Live This September

Google Announces Search Ranking Update to Go Live This September
20 September 2022
This September Core Web Vitals update has been announced! You can already notice the first changes it has made in search results! What should you expect?

How Will the Search Ranking Update Affect Your Website?

On September 12th, 2022, Google announced launching another key update. Even though the update is said to be rolling out for two weeks, we’ve already noticed the first changes it brought about. Will this update make your website visibility grow the same way it has done to the website shown below? google update visibility graph Undoubtedly, it is possible. Many of our clients' websites have been noting a significant growth in recent days. However, as with previous updates, the Google Search ranking update may also stir things up a bit. Take, for example, the website visibility presented below. It had been achieving highly satisfying results until the update went live: google update visibility

What Is the Latest Google Search Ranking Update About?

This is the info that Google Search Central shared with everyone through Twitter: [embed][/embed] All Core Updates are about bigger changes introduced to search engine algorithms that may affect websites’ visibility and are noticeable by marketers. The thing is that Google doesn’t give any precise details about the update. Neither can we learn about the real nature of this change. All we need to do now is just keep monitoring the parameters of our website, and the websites of our clients, of course!

Core Update and Helpful Content Update

When Google announced the introduction of Helpful Content Update, which took place on August 18th, 2022, everyone was pretty staggered. SEO specialists and marketers were anticipating some visible changes in SERP as well as some problems affecting the websites with AI-generated content. It turned out, however, that online creators found the effects of the update barely noticeable. There are some rumors that the update launched in September will make the Helpful Content Update ber. [embed][/embed] Please, notice that this isn’t Google’s official statement, so it’s better not to draw foregone conclusions. Nevertheless, we would like to confirm that there are clear ups and downs affecting website visibility after the introduction of the update in September.

How Can You Protect the Website From the Drop Caused by the Update?

As always - take it easy! Sudden drops are typical to be noted after updates. It doesn’t have to be an indication of a poorly optimized website. google update visibility 3 It’s worth noting that recently Google has been devoting closer attention to the quality of the content published on websites. Therefore, try to sort out the problems with internal and external duplicate content. Don’t use AI to write articles only to get your website rank high for a certain keyword. Instead, think about the internet users and create content that will match their search intent. If the drops don’t pass you by - just let us know. We are not afraid of fighting the sudden falls caused by algorithm updates. After all, we managed to win hundreds of such battles! :)
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