Google Shopping Graph – Let Your Shop Be Discovered



Google Shopping Graph – Let Your Shop Be Discovered
22 November 2022
One of the most important trends for SEO is to optimize every aspect of your business that you can. By letting your shop be discovered with Google Shopping Graph, you can increase the revenue of your shop substantially. Google Shopping Graph allows Google to help people discover your store no matter if you’re a major corporation or a small business. Leveraging this to your benefit will ensure that your business grows massively!



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What is Google Shopping Graph?

In order to understand what is Google Shopping Graph, we will need to investigate how Google interacts with storefronts. Using AI-enhanced models, Google is now able to determine the differences between constantly changing products, sellers, brands, reviews, and product information. google shopping graph Google Shopping Graph is a real-time dataset that connects shoppers to a system of billions of merchants across the planet and is a surefire way to get your business out there! By collecting information from websites, prices, videos, reviews, and more, GSG is able to show all users relevant listings much more easily and effectively.

What are the Benefits of Google Shopping Graph?

While the power Google Shopping Graph offers retailers is evident in the ability to connect brands to customers much more easily, GSG is also relevant for customers as well, as their needs will be much more easily fulfilled! Here are some reasons why the new system benefits everyone:

For Brands and Retailers

  • Free exposure to the entire Internet’s worth of customers
  • Vastly increased traffic to your storefront
  • Large and small brand awareness
  • Increased brand awareness

For Customers

  • Discovering new brands easily
  • Reminders about open carts when opening new tabs
  • Utilizing screenshots and images to find brands more easily: In conjunction with Google Photos, screenshots of items taken will now be examined by GSG, allowing more information to be given to the user afterward
  • The ability to link loyalty programs: participating in programs will allow you to link promotional offers you’ve signed up for to GSG in order to scan the internet for the best deal, helping brands and customers tremendously!

How Do You Get Your Products on Google Shopping Graph?

It’s easier than you think! Once you connect your products to Google Shopping Graph, you will instantly have access to millions of users, extending your reach beyond what you thought possible before. Many people have talked about how to go about doing this, but here are the basic breakdowns of potential options:

Website Crawling

By taking the content of your website when Google’s algorithms scan it, Google is able to see listings of your products and create product data for them. Product data is already being used in search results: ratings, reviews, pricing, and even stock levels are already being used by Google and these are taken directly from the product page on your site. It is absolutely crucial to ensure that your SEO is up to date and that all your product pages are correct! Google will use them whether you like it or not! You can ensure that your site has Structured Data added to it for easy viewing by Google.

Platform Feed

Another option available to sellers is to simply provide Google with all the data available in order for them to develop a much more accurate picture of your store than would otherwise be available to you. This means that you can optimize, correct, maintain, and upload platform feeds directly to Google to ensure that your content receives a comprehensive breakdown with Google’s systems. By providing entire stock lists to Google directly, you can ensure that Google always shows the most up-to-date information for your inventory and pricing. This will improve your ad ranking, quality scores, accuracy, and more, and allow Google to instantly provide accurate information on your brand! E-commerce SEO - Delante will help you gain position in Google!

Targeted Content API Calls

Using the API, you can insert, update, and delete selected products for individual products as opposed to entire batches of your entire site. This means that your site is responsible for changes given to Google, but that you can get simple changes fixed extremely quickly. If you want to include a new product or revise an old one, this approach is the best way to go about it, especially if the rest of your website is already correct! Allowing for this, Google provides easy, quick changes for any retailer to change their inventory as fast as they need.

Partnership with Shopify

With the recent partnership with Shopify announced, Google is now able to democratize the e-commerce space. This means that more merchants around the world will have the representation they have always wanted and that more uniformity among platforms will be enjoyed! Shopping across the internet will be much easier than before, ensuring everyone can participate with confidence. Merchants already appearing on Shopify will have their featured products all over Google in a few simple clicks, giving them the broadest reach for the minimum effort. This reach will make their brand much more prominent and recognizable in the long run and in a large part drive additional sales! Shopify merchants will now be discovered on Google Search results, Google Shopping, YouTube, Google Image Search, and more. The power of the new GSG system will be a boon for every retailer in the world!

Boost Your E-Commerce Sales With Google Shopping Graph

In order to be the best retailer possible, you will need to optimize all avenues of marketing and brand reach. Google Shopping Graph helps you do just this – with its ability to maximize your store’s information and send it to everyone in the world, GSG is easily able to give you the reach your storefront has been looking for. For customers as well, this streamlining of the shopping process ensures that you will quickly and efficiently be able to find anything you’re looking for, in greater detail, and given more information than you would otherwise have. Even with a simple screenshot in your phone’s gallery, Google can help you make that sale you’ve been interested in. The world of e-commerce is opening up wider by the day, so getting in on the ground floor is important! Keep your site up-to-date and optimized – Google will do the rest! If you need any help with your store, let us know! We will increase the visibility of your products on Google and attract more customers!
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