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07 September 2021
While it’s been around for some time, Wix is recently increasing in popularity. After fighting off something of a bad reputation, Wix has drastically modified its base and revised itself to create a platform that is approachable and potent for all webmasters. If you’re wondering how to improve your SEO on Wix, there are many ways to do it and this article can provide many good examples of it! How to do SEO on Wix is no secret and we will be able to provide you with many actionable paths you can take in order to expand your presence on the platform.



Table of contents:

What Exactly Is Wix?

Wix, like other web hosting platforms like SquareSpace, allows you to create, design, manage and develop a website as well as manage your online presence with a variety of tools and programs. It is an all-inclusive service specifically geared to entrepreneurs and small-business owners who are interested in getting a working website up and running as fast as possible without the hassle or cost of creating a website from the ground up. With a modest fee, you can get professionally designed templates, advanced functionality, SEO optimization, and more. Wix is one of the few options out there for you if you are interested in starting right away, and for what it’s worth, it is quite powerful.

Who Is Wix For?

Wix is the perfect platform for those who simply don’t have the time or the technical know-how available in order to build and maintain a site from the ground up. By providing a variety of professional tools and options for clients, you can get your business up and running almost immediately and have an online presence right away. SEO takes time, so having the capability to have your website ready to go is a huge boon for the burgeoning business. how to improve seo on wix guide

Pros of using Wix

  • A host of development tools at your disposal
  • Hosting included
  • Website templates allowing you the luxury of speedy content creation
  • World-class customer service
  • An online presence starting almost immediately

Cons of using Wix

  • Content is hosted on a cloud (some users may not like this)
  • Templates are not unique creations
  • Learning to build your own site may be better in the long run
  • Must use proprietary functionality
  • Your vision may require unique attributes that Wix can’t accommodate

Is Wix Any Good for SEO?

As one of the traditional problems with Wix, it’s important to understand that they have improved greatly upon this issue. Managing SEO on Wix is possible with their tools and they have learned much from their beginnings as a mere hosting service. With the combination of Wix’s tools and general SEO best practices, you can easily create a website with a strong search ranking and host it with Wix without any worry whatsoever. wix seo tools

What Was the Cause of Wix’s Bad Fame?

Founded in 2006 and entering the open-beta phase using an Adobe Flash-based site in 2007, Wix has been around for a long time. At the beginning of this service, there were some issues that have been ironed out in the almost 15 years since its inception. Among many reasons, Wix had a notorious reputation for being a low-quality service that most people tended to avoid in favor of a variety of other products. Because of this, Wix made it their goal to improve their services drastically and, to this day, have made a significant comeback in the eyes of the average webmaster. Some of the reasons Wix earned bad fame include:

Its use of the Flash platform until 2012

Wix began by using a platform that was not technologically powerful even back when it was first adopted, which they continued to use until 2012. While now they use HTML5, which is an industry-standard, they were using software that was not very good for many years before this. On the plus side, this is absolutely no longer an issue anymore.

Its negative ranking impact on Google

Due to its insistence on the Flash platform, Google was not able to rank it highly. This meant that no matter what you did with your website, the ranking would suffer and the traffic coming to your page would diminish. Nowadays, with new Wix tools and much better integration into modern-day software techniques, Wix websites are just as potent as any other website. technical seo and m commerce

Slow website loading

Once again due to the Flash issue, but perhaps also because of Wix hosting your content for you, Wix websites suffered from a much slower loading time than traditional websites with traditional hosting. Content loading is a huge issue for many webmasters and one cause of traffic not coming to your page deals with how fast it loads. Page loading is one of a more important factors in SEO and having a lightweight site greatly improves performance. Recently, Wix has initiated many changes geared towards speeding up website loading and Wix’s platform offers many features to encourage users into proper website-building practices.

The homogenization of bland templates

Templates are a great idea for most people as they save you time and effort, both of which end up saving you money. The biggest problem with template services, however, is that websites on the service start to look similar after a while. By encouraging many people to build websites with templates, they inadvertently cause “the internet to all look the same.” While there is some truth to this critique, and while some websites may want to look into hiring a professional designer for specific cases, the fact of the matter is that this is a purely aesthetic concern and many people would rather get their business on the go and worry about fully customized aesthetics later. wix seo essentials

The cost

Because of its all-inclusive nature, Wix is a monthly service that could, in the end, cost more than simply hiring someone to build your site and purchasing a domain. Of course, not everyone is ready to take on a project like this, making Wix and its services desirable for those looking for more ease of use. It all comes down to personal preference and many have decided that, even if it looks like they’d be paying more, they would rather have the immediacy and efficiency of that which Wix provides.


Wix has had more than enough time after a decade and a half to improve upon its services and provide its clients with exactly what they need. SEO management and Google integration have improved dramatically, as well as all the other technological back-ends that gave Wix a bad name in the past. It is now easier than ever before to succeed on Wix and many of its previous issues have been rectified.

How To Improve Your SEO on Wix

As with any other website, improving SEO on Wix is a long-term project where diligent action can reap fantastic rewards. By following best practices on Wix, as well as utilizing their in-house tools, you can get a much higher rank for your website just as easily as you could if you were building the website yourself. Focusing on the basics is the most important:
  • Using long tail keywords as much as possible
  • Optimizing content (word count, image tags, keywords, etc)
  • Set up monitoring tools
  • Optimizing meta and title data
  • Optimizing headings
  • Making sure to pay attention to backlinks and internal linking
And of course, using their native SEO Wix to get suggestions from Wix on how to improve your website.

Wix SEO Features

how to improve seo on wix toolset Wix has taken it upon themselves to increase the usability and potency of their SEO structures by creating tools specifically to meet the needs of the contemporary, Google-driven internet. With a variety of improvements and tools now available for users, “how to improve your SEO on Wix” has gone from a popular question to a simple click of a few tools. Here are some of the improvements, optimizations, and functionalities Wix has implemented since its inception:

Optimized Site Infrastructure

Fully shifting its focus over to acknowledge the potency of the modern search engine, Wix’s infrastructure has now been aligned with the needs of these engines in order to better facilitate site performance. Among these improvements are things like server-side rendering, clean URLs with customizable slugs, XML sitemap maintenance (and keeping this information up-to-date), and the instant compressing, resizing, and conversion of images for accelerated page loads.

Fully Controllable Meta Tags

SEO-friendly meta-tags are all auto-generated on Wix web pages now, with the added benefit of allowing you to modify them, add new ones, and more in order to optimize your search results.

Customized Structured Data

After taking recommendations from Google and, Wix will automatically structure data to dynamic pages like storefronts, event pages, forums, and a variety of others.

Flexible URL Redirect Manager

Wix allows you to maintain link equity by creating permanent redirects for old content. Redirect functionality has improved tremendously and you can store a variety of redirects for your site to save time and efficiency.

Google Search Console Integration

One of the most important SEO tools Wix now utilizes, being able to directly integrate with Google’s own tools allows users to stay on top of all the best SEO practices that Google utilizes with their rankings. With this, you can verify your domain and start tracking performance within Wix itself.

Why Is It Worth It to Improve SEO on Wix?

There is no question anymore about whether or not Wix is a capable platform able to stand with other industry giants and still provide SEO functionality that Google depends on for prime rankings. Wix has an almost two-decade track record of changes, implementations, and optimizations under its belt and has fully integrated itself into modern-day SEO best practices. By following the general guidelines of SEO rules as well as by using Wix’s house tools, you can easily create a potent website that will reach high in the ranks of any web search. Wix has proven itself to be aware of industry standards and what needs to be done to get the best results and the platform has improved tremendously since its inception in 2007. You don’t need to worry about how to improve your SEO on Wix nowadays because the company has thought of it as well and has implemented all kinds of user-friendly changes. If you want to improve your SEO on Wix - contact us to get the best results!
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Delante is an online marketing agency specialized in generating website traffic from search engines and paid ads (SEO / SEM). Over 80% of our clients are from rapidly growing e-commerce industry.

Logo Delante

Delante is an online marketing agency specialized in generating website traffic from search engines and paid ads (SEO / SEM). Over 80% of our clients are from rapidly growing e-commerce industry.

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