Can Instagram Activity Support Your Company’s SEO?

Can Instagram Activity Support Your Company’s SEO?

Instagram is a red-hot social media marketing platform for businesses across the globe. Using Instagram as one of your social media strategy tools can help boost your overall search engine optimisation. For now, Google doesn’t use social media as a ranking factor, but social media activity does have an indirect effect on your rankings. Read on to learn more about how the Instagram activity supports your company’s SEO.

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Instagram SEO Helps Your Domain Authority

Developing a brand on Instagram can help your domain authority since widespread brand awareness forces people to talk more about your business, both online and offline. This will automatically increase the search value of your business. And when this happens, you’ll get more traffic to your website, which will improve your domain authority. Improved domain authority will improve your overall ranking on the search engines.

More Traffic and Links

As more people engage with you on Instagram, your business will gain more popularity. When people share your content with their friends and family, it can help drive more traffic back to your website, and build an even bigger fan base on your social profile. When your content resonates with your audience, they may link to it on their website, giving your website more backlinks. Since traffic volume and backlinks are important parts of how search engines evaluate where a site should rank for various keywords, this is how Instagram supports your SEO.

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Track Your Instagram Link

You can use the Google URL builder to add tracking code at the end of the link you place in your Instagram profile. In the end, you’ll generally have an incredibly long link, so you’ll want to take the help of a URL shortener tool like to create a custom link. If possible, give it a name that matches your business, for even more consistency. Tracking the link will also give you an idea of how many people are clicking it.

Change Your Profile URL

Get more traffic on your website with Instagram Optimisation

Since Instagram does not allow you to put links in the posts, you are limited to the single link in your profile. This means can easily change it often, according to the campaigns you’re running, or to increase the traffic volume to specific pages. Take advantage of this ‘Link in Bio’ space and send people to different landing pages, product pages, or articles you want to promote. To get the best from Instagram SEO, think of the link as a call to action or the link between engagement and return on investment. In this way, you’ll get a better idea of when you want to change the link, what you want to change it to, and how often you can change it.

Use the Location Tag as a Call To Action

When you publish an image or video on Instagram, you can customize the location in the location tag. Once it is posted, the location shows up below your username, but above the post you shared. Individual companies do benefit from geotagging the videos and photos, but for those that wouldn’t, it’s possible to use this feature as a call to action. You can manually put any target location because Instagram doesn’t require you to verify the location exists.

Research and Use Hashtags

Instagram is a search engine itself since it lets users search via hashtags. Take some time and research hashtags you want to use, so you ensure you’re choosing the ones with the most traffic volume that are relevant to your post. Simply list hashtags at the end of your post, rather than worrying about weaving them naturally in the description. Get help from tools like Website, Hashtagify, and Keyhole to research relevant hashtags. Search your ideas to see which other accounts are using the hashtag keywords you are considering.

Also, check out the top 100 hashtags to get ideas and see what other businesses are using most often. It’s recommended to limit your hashtags count at four or nine. You can also create your own branded hashtag to market and encourage people to use it when they are posting content that’s related to your business. When people post images or videos of your products in use, you want them to get exposure, too. You can also repost the content, and the hashtag used on the post will help searchers find it, even if you don’t happen to see it first.

Instagram Alt Text

Optimize Instagram profiles with alt text. It is a relatively new feature that allows users to write keyword optimized captions for photos. This feature was actually designed to help visually impaired users enjoy their Instagram experience, but it can also be used for Instagram Optimisation. Instagram will automatically fill-up the alt-text options for your photos if you skip this step, so it’s better to do it yourself to ensure the caption matches what’s actually in the photo.

Once you’ve created your own alt text, share your video or photo as normal. The benefits of editing your Instagram alt text are the same as when you use alt text on photos for your website. It can help your posts rank better in the algorithm.

Instagram Helps Your Business’s SEO

Stay active on your Instagram Profile

Although Instagram SEO doesn’t have a direct connection to the major search engines for an immediate impact on your rankings, you still can optimize your Instagram profile to ensure people can easily discover your content. Try to stay active and engaged on your Instagram page because of the increase in traffic and backlinks to your site that could come from Instagram activity, and improve your rankings.

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Head of SEO & SEM

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  1. Nice insights! I already use pinterest for supporting my SEO a little bit, but will definitely take a closer look at what I have on the instagram account now 🙂

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