A Buyer’s Guide for Hiring the Best SEO Audit Company in 2023

A Buyer’s Guide for Hiring the Best SEO Audit Company in 2023

You do a monthly financial review to make sure you deal with unpaid invoices before the payments get overdue. You regularly track the progress of the tasks to review if your team managed to move towards this quarter’s goals. But what about your website – do you get it reviewed regularly, too?

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My website doesn’t get enough organic traffic.

The bounce rate on my website is too darn high.

I can’t figure out why my website ranking is lower than my competitors.

If any of the above sentences sound familiar to you, the chances are your website needs to be checked by some great analytical mind. You need to find someone who is like Terminator: searches and destroys literally every single element that – in your case – harms your website, causing low CTR, low ranking, and low visibility.

And low revenue, of course.

Consider an SEO audit company to be your Terminator. Like the cyborg assassin, SEO experts are armed with heavy weapons – meaning, advanced analytical tools – designed to find any type of hurdles, bugs, and technical issues that impede your website from unlocking its potential and eventually getting to the top of the Search Engine Results Page.

Once your website’s weaknesses are localized, the SEO team working at an SEO audit company presents you with a grand repair plan. This document addresses every issue that once handled saves your website from impending doom.

Do All SEO Audit Companies Review Websites the Same Way?

No, they don’t.

Even though the goal is always the same – find the weak points – every SEO audit company follows its own procedure while checking the health state of a client’s website.

In other words, there is no unified way to do an SEO audit. Some agencies check just technical SEO, whereas others also run detailed off-page analyses. Having content specialists onboard, there are also agencies that offer web content audits as the texts also influence the overall scoring given by Google to a website.

Finally, not all SEO audit companies use the same set of data analytics tools and software. Having access to the resources that provide reliable information on a website’s performance is pretty costly. That is because for an SEO audit to be thorough, an SEO specialist needs to have at least several (actually, it’s 10+) tools at their disposal. Only a few of them offer free licensing, which naturally affects the cost of the SEO audit.

Best SEO Audit Companies You Should Consider Hiring

You need a team of professionals to get your website scanned for the issues that have a negative effect on its organic search performance. In other words, you need someone with hands-on experience in doing SEO audits and who has at their disposal the whole range of advanced analytical tools.

Check out experts’ tips on how to do an SEO audit to satisfy clients in our industry report!

How to find such a person? They work in the best SEO audit companies, like the ones mentioned below.

Here is the list of 8 SEO audit companies that offer top-notch website SEO services.

1st place | Delante

delante logo

Delante has been helping business owners promote their online presence and grow sales since 2012. Working for and partnering with a bunch of entrepreneurs and business owners from various niches, Delante has gained unrivaled experience in running all sorts of SEO processes, including SEO audits.

What’s reviewed?

Basic parameters: e.g. page size, page speed, site trust index, mobile test, duplication

Homepage & pages: e.g. web content, titles & meta description, internal linking, server errors

Page visibility & keyword: e.g. current keyword positions

Competition: e.g. linking profiles, backlink sources, keyword positions

Off-page: e.g. anchor texts, link diversification plan, spam score, backlink metrics

Social media: presence metrics

How long does the SEO audit take?

In most cases, it takes no longer than 3 weeks.

When the sources of low visibility, insufficient organic traffic, and high bounce rate are identified, the Delante team draws up a detailed repair plan that later can be followed by the Client or implemented by an assigned SEO Specialist from Delante.

Tools Used:

Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Semstorm, Senuto, MOZ, Ahrefs, GTmetrix, Clusteric, SEMrush, Tag Manager, Majestic, Screaming Frog

2nd place | Halo Lab

Located in Eastern Europe, Halo Lab collaborates with digital services, start-ups, and e-commerce platforms to improve their overall reach. Their range of services is impressively wide, proving that this agency handles more than SEO. Among those, there is an SEO audit service that helps address flaws affecting their Clients’ website efficiency.

What’s reviewed?

Technical SEO: not specified

On-page: not specified

Off-page: e.g. backlink profile

How long does the SEO audit take?

from 2 to 6 weeks

Once the Halo Lab team finishes running a comprehensive SEO analysis, they provide the Client with a document that points out the SEO issues with the audited website. It’s worth noting that this agency also provides a separate service, which is a technical audit to verify the website’s stability. Those are recommended to be carried out every three months.

Tools Used:

Google Analytics, Google Search Console, PageSpeed Insight, Lighthouse, Ahrefs, Netpeak Spider, Screaming Frog, Se Ranking, SemRush

3rd place | OuterBox

OuterBox has been in the SEO and digital marketing market for almost 20 long years now. Ever since they were founded, which was 2004, this company has been partnering with e-commerce website owners and lead generation businesses. One of their ways to help online businesses thrive is their SEO consulting services.

What’s reviewed?

Technical SEO: e.g. HTML markup, site structure, broken links, keyword research, title tags, meta descriptions

On-page: e.g. content

Off-page: e.g. backlink profile

Competition: e.g. keyword positions, content strategy, backlink strategy

How long does the SEO audit take?

not stated

SEO audit at OuterBox starts from a kick-off call. During this video meeting, the agency learns about your business, whereas you learn about your website evaluation process. Once the SEO audit finishes, you gain a better understanding of the good and bad sides of your website. You will also be presented with opportunities you may give a chance to improve your positions.

Tools Used:

not stated

4th place | Outpace

Even though Outpace is a fairly new agency – they were founded in 2020 – they have already built a well-earned reputation for being reliable. They pride themselves on devising long-term SEO strategies that improve visibility and conversions simply by focusing on the most important website performance metrics. Focused solely on the American market, Outpace offers comprehensive SEO audits for every online business owner.

What’s reviewed?

Technical SEO: e.g. crawlability, indexability, loading speed, broken links, internal linking

Domain & keyword: e.g. keyword research analysis, keywords mapping analysis, current rankings analysis, content quality

Content gap

Off-page: e.g. external link analysis, backlink quality

User experience

How long does the SEO audit take?

not stated

Once all of the above elements are verified, OutPace starts creating an actionable plan. This way you have a clear understanding of what needs to be fixed and worked on to achieve your SEO goals. One of the best things about this SEO audit company is that they allow you to adopt the recommendations yourself or get them implemented through another agency.

Tools Used:

not stated

5th place | Page One Power

Page One Power has been providing SEO auditing services from as early as 2010. Their team of SEO experts gives insights into their Clients’ website’s overall performance to later devise a workable strategy pushing the website up the search results. Their step-by-step action plan includes only white-hat SEO practices.

What’s reviewed?

Technical SEO: e.g. site architecture, duplicate content, broken links, HTML validation, accessibility & indexing

On-page: e.g. site structure, URL naming convention, topical relevance, crawlability, responsiveness

Off-page: e.g. backlink metrics, custom link building

How long does the SEO audit take?

In general, it’s 4-6 weeks.

The SEO auditing process at Page One Power consists of six steps. After arranging a meeting to assess the Client’s needs, the agency puts its hands on analytical tools to analyze 131 individual website elements. When the essential information is gathered, they compile the final report and discuss the findings with the Client.

Tools Used:

Screaming Frog, Moz Pro, Majestic SEO, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google Search Console, Google Analytics

6th place | Panem

This full-service digital marketing agency is known for creating customized SEO strategies for its Clients. The same applies to the SEO audit service that they have been conducting continuously since 2015. The findings help them eliminate the guesswork from SEO, and therefore they are able to suggest workable solutions for increased website presence.

What’s reviewed?

Technical SEO: e.g. website speed, crawlability, canonical tags, sitemap, duplicate content, URL structure, site structure

Usability: e.g. bounce rate

Domain & keyword: e.g. current keyword positions, content quality

Competitor analysis: e.g. keyword positions

Off-site: e.g. backlink profile

Local SEO: e.g. keywords, content, backlink profile, business listings

How long does the SEO audit take?

2 to 6 weeks

If you decide to contact Panem and ask them for reviewing your website, you will get the full and detailed audit report. The thorough inspection points out the issues and errors that prevent your website from being displayed on the first page. Panem also points out problems with the design that discourage your visitors from taking up action or staying on your website.

Tools Used:

Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Chrome Dev Tools, Ahrefs, MOZ, SEMrush

7th place | Vizion

Vizion is one of those agencies that may become part of your in-house marketing team. They find collaboration essential for achieving success, therefore they are eager to share SEO knowledge with their business partners. Before that, however, Vizion conducts a comprehensive SEO audit to assess the website’s ability to rank well in search engines.

What’s reviewed?

Technical SEO: e.g. site structure, code structure, page load speed, redirects,

Content audit & Gap analysis: e.g. internal linking, keywords,

Competitive audit: review up to 3 biggest competitors for content strategy and link profile

Backlink audit: e.g. broken links, backlink profile

How long does the SEO audit take?

The minimum is 2 months, but it may take up to 4 months if a website is large.

Vizion divides the SEO audit process into stages, each one consisting of a series of audits. This way they have enough time to scratch beneath the surface and simply make sure they check all your website’s metrics. Once the process is complete, you receive a report listing website elements that seem to work correctly and things that require some major improvement.

Tools Used:

not stated

8th place | WebFX

WebFX constructed a R.O.C.K.E.T. that is supposed to carry their Clients’ website ranks to the top of search engine results. This rocket is built from SEO-sensitive elements, including Research, Optimization, Content, Keywords, Earnmedia & Links, and Testing. However, to start the rocket signed by WebFX, a thorough SEO audit must be handled.

What’s reviewed?

On-page: e.g. duplicate content, HTML validation, browser & resolution compatibility, canonization, internal link structure, information architecture, page loading times, broken links

Page visibility & keyword: e.g. top keywords ranking

Off-page: e.g. backlink metrics

How long does the SEO audit take?

45 days

When WebFX finishes reviewing your website, you receive a report divided into three sections: the first section it’s a list of your website’s strengths, the second section is a full list of the issues that negatively affect your rankings, and the third includes recommendations.

Tools Used:

not stated

How Often Does Your Website Need an SEO Audit?

Whether or not you like it, an SEO audit isn’t just a one-off process. Your website is a living organism, and you – as its owner – are responsible for its upkeep. If you operate in a dynamic industry, publish new pieces of content on a weekly basis, and have several people working on your website (e.g. add publications or introduce changes to the code), then getting your website evaluated for SEO regularly is a must.

How often is regularly? Generally speaking, getting your website reviewed by trusted SEO specialists once or twice a year will do. However, there are cases where an SEO audit should take place more often. When?

If your online competition is high, hiring an SEO audit company to evaluate your website on a regular basis is a good strategic move. With ever-changing and ever-surprising e-commerce consumer behavior, you shouldn’t fall behind your competitors. Keep up with the biggest fishes and respond quickly to new shopping habits by getting a clear action plan that a comprehensive SEO audit helps you devise.

Would you like to work with the best on your online presence? Contact us! We’ll help you get to the top of SERPs and increase your revenue.

Delante is an online marketing agency specialized in generating website traffic from search engines and paid ads (SEO / SEM). Over 80% of our clients are from rapidly growing e-commerce industry.
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