Using AI to Create Google Ads. Here’s How to Do It the Right Way



Using AI to Create Google Ads. Here’s How to Do It the Right Wayd-tags
01 June 2023
In this article, I'll explore the incredible outcomes and creative ideas you can achieve by using AI in your advertising and creative endeavors. Additionally, I'll introduce you to some valuable tools like ChatGPT and AI/ML-powered online software that can simplify your content creation process. So, grab a cup of coffee and join me as we delve into the exciting possibilities ahead!



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Put Simply: Differences Between Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

You’ve probably heard the saying that every square is a rectangle, but not every rectangle is a square. Well, the same goes for AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning). Machine Learning (ML) is a part of Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, AI is not just limited to Machine Learning – it encompasses much more.

ai in google ads

Source: Levity

I promised to keep it simple, so let me be super straightforward:

  • Machine Learning is about feeding a system with loads of data and letting its powerful brain crunch it to learn from and make predictions. It’s like giving a super-smart computer the ability to analyze information and figure out new stuff on its own. In the process of learning, ML can analyze and modify the gathered knowledge, search for new solutions, and even improve its own learning processes.
  • Artificial Intelligence is a much broader concept. It relies on learning through Machine Learning. We can consider a system as artificial intelligence if, based on a vast database, it possesses the ability to perform tasks and make decisions requiring human intelligence. Therefore, the machine should exhibit human-like intelligence or simulate it.

So-called “weak artificial intelligence” is designed to solve simple tasks and propose solutions. “Strong AI,” on the other hand, has significantly higher computational power, allowing it not only to perform tasks that a human would do but also to engage in independent thinking.

So yeah, in the dictionary, “artificial intelligence” is still a fancy concept. But in everyday talk, people tend to use these terms interchangeably.

ChatGPT: Is It a Technological Revolution?

Just a quick reminder: Chat GPT is an OpenAI model based either on GPT-3 language model, or its latest version, which is GPT-4. It’s designed to give its users detailed answers to questions, using plain and everyday language. On top of that, it’s completely free to use. The affordability and user-friendly chat interface make it become crazy popular in a flash.

You can definitely call it a brilliant marketing move: the creators and the software got tons of attention really quickly, attracting a large group of users who tested and improved the model along the way.

Thanks to all this, OpenAI gathers information on what users are interested in, how they use the model, how the chat interaction goes, and how to improve and refine the model.

Chat GPT learned from billions of data points all over the internet, in different languages. But here’s the thing: The data it learned from goes up until 2021. This means it’s not up-to-date with the newest stuff.

Actually, we can ask the chat for more details on the data is uses:

ChatGPT about its database

Pluses of ChatGPT

  • a wide database of data and information on a given topic
  • user-friendly interface
  • online accessibility from any place and device
  • free access (optional subscription model)
  • constantly evolving publicly available model
  • understandable, natural language communication
  • ability to use different tones of voice in responses
  • comprehensive answers
  • to some extent the chat “understands” the context of the conversation and remembers the communication history with the user

Minuses & Limitations of ChatGPT

  • no recent data available (the training was based on data until 2021)
  • still an ML model, not AI: the model doesn’t think on its own, which can lead to errors or limited responses
  • lacks empathy and awareness
  • oversimplification: the system has a one-size-fits-all approach, doesn’t offer different opinions or perspectives
  • can’t tell the truth from lies
  • OpenAI’s restrictions: filters are in place to prevent harmful content; It includes health, legal, explicit, propaganda, fake news, hate speech, and potentially dangerous content
  • limitations and errors in responses for niche or specialized topics (e.g., IT)
  • possible difficulty in understanding less common languages
  • doesn’t provide sources of the information is composed its response with
  • uses other people’s content without permission for generating responses and ML training

How Can You Use ChatGPT in Google Ads & Meta Ads?

When talking about Google Ads, you may find this tool helpful in:

  • generating an initial keyword list


  • generating a negative keyword list

generating a negative keyword list with chatgpt

For the record, ChatGPT won’t generate a list of phrases that violate community guidelines

  • generating inspiration for ad headlines
chatgpt generates inspirations for ad headlines

Source: Delante’s own screenshot

  • making texts shorter when there is a character limit
ChatGPT making texts shorter

Source: Delante’s own screenshot

  • finding alternative descriptions for a service or a product
ChatGPT creates alternative descriptions for a service or a product

Source: Delante’s own screenshot

  • generating ad content suggestions – mind you, treat the responses as an inspiration, and don’t apply the suggested content mindlessly to your ad strategy
generating ad content suggestions by ChatGPT

Source: Delante’s own screenshot

  • preparing a draft/initial translation of ads into another language
  • creating an initial account structure proposal
  • comprehending a Client’s offer quicker in both more general
comprehending a client's offer by an AI

Source: Delante’s own screenshot

  • and a more detailed way

Describing client's offer by an AI

  • getting to know a foreign Client’s unique characteristics. Communication with the Client is super important. To avoid any awkward moments, it’s a good idea to keep cultural differences in mind. That’s where Chat GPT comes in handy, giving us a general idea about different cultures.
General idea about cultural differences thanks to ChatGPT

Source: Delante’s own screenshot

What Can You Do with ChatGPT in Your Online Endeavors?

Just to give you a general idea, here are some ways you can use ChatGPT in your online activities:

  • boosting productivity and speed for programmers or copywriters
  • automating repetitive tasks like answering common customer questions (e.g. chatbots)
  • crafting titles and headlines
  • creating general (screen 1) or detailed (screen 2) product descriptions
ChatGPT product description

Source: Delante’s own screenshot

ChatGPT detailed product description

  • planning presentations, training, or blog articles
Planning blog articles with an AI

Source: Delante’s own screenshot

blog articles with ChatGPT

Source: Delante’s own screenshot

  • writing simple blog posts and advertisements (remember to review and edit the content!)
  • creating summaries
  • getting quick answers to queries – be cautious of potential errors or outdated information
  • seeking advice on website development, like UX and UI
ChatGPT for UX

Source: Delante’s own screenshot

  • learning new topics, especially for beginners
  • responding to simple emails and customer messages

In addition, ChatGPT will be probably used for developing non-player characters (NPC) in video games, generating various content such as songs and poems, and simply for the amusement of users.

Here’s what I think…

Chat GPT is a fun and easy-to-use tool that can speed up our and our Clients’ work. It’s a great source of inspiration, offering almost endless possibilities. 

However, it’s important to be aware of ChatGPT limitations. It’s wiser to treat it like a helpful virtual assistant, not as an all-knowing expert. Always double-check the generated content for accuracy, tone, and messaging. Sometimes the system can get a bit carried away, and other times it may not provide enough useful information or even give incorrect answers.

Use it wisely and trust your own judgment!

Agnieszka Glińska
Agnieszka Glińska SEM Specialist

How to Use ChatGPT

To start using ChatGPT, go to the dedicated platform – Just sign up for a free account, and you’re good to go. Once you’re in, you’ll see a window with basic information from the creators about the system, along with a text field where you can ask the model a question in natural language. The response will appear on the screen in no time. What’s interesting, you can rate the answers and give feedback, too.

Optional Subscription

It’s also worth mentioning that for $20 a month (as of March 2023), you can get access to ChatGPT Plus. With this subscription, you get faster responses, access to the chat even during peak hours, and be the first to try out new features and updates.

If you’re into artificial intelligence, read GPT-4 – Is it a Revolution for ChatGPT?

How AI/ML Systems Empower Google Ads & the Creative Industry

In the following section of the article, I’ll present several tools you can use for creating ads, being creative, and generating various kinds of texts.

Apart from ChatGPT, there are numerous language model-based systems available on the market that you can leverage in your day-to-day content creation tasks. Here is how you can make use of them when crafting ads.

baner cro google ads

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a paid AI/ML model that aids in copywriting. It’s great for crafting smaller blocks of text as well as brainstorming ideas for bigger content pieces.

When using Jasper AI for Google Ads, you get handy templates for different ad elements.

With this tool you can generate headlines and simple ad content, adapting it to your needs. For example, you can ask Jasper to use a specific tone of voice to bring the output closer to the desired result.

It also offers a Chrome extension, so you can use the tool right within your favorite social media and popular CMS platforms.

You can also make use of Jasper for:

  • coming up with catchy social media captions and website text
  • crafting articles for LinkedIn or your blog
  • creating video script outlines
  • customizing email content and graphics
  • getting a hand with positive PR on social media
  • designing simple ad content
  • generating basic social media images is considered to be an alternative to Jasper. Apart from its standard text generation capabilities, the platform also helps you gather insights about potential customers and create video summaries on YouTube.

By extracting information from text or video materials, you can get your hands on valuable data to power up your ads.

The tool helps you come up with ad content ideas as well as gain a better understanding of your customers. This, in turn, facilitates tailoring your messages to the target audience.

creating google ads with copy ai

Source: Delante’s own screenshot

Additionally, with, you can stay on top of the latest news in your niche. Interestingly, this tool tells you the source of information, so that you can quickly gather all the important details on a given topic. It’s like having a news tracker that keeps you in the know and feeds your curiosity at the same time.

creating google ads with copy ai

Source: Delante’s own screenshot


Writesonic is a handy tool for crafting simple blocks of text. What’s worth pointing out, it learns in real-time using the latest data (which is a big advantage compared to ChatGPT). Even though this tool isn’t free, you can give it a go with a free trial (1 user, 10,000 characters).

The tool helps you create ad content specifically tailored for Google Ads – and it does that in over 25 languages. You can also use it to generate content for other ad platforms like Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and even App and SMS notifications.


Rytr is designed to generate unique content in over 30 languages. It allows you to customize the tone of voice and leverages AIDA and PAS formulas for better results. It also offers paraphrasing and grammar improvement features.

Just like the aforementioned AI tools, Rytr lets you create content for headlines and text ads, whether it’s for Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. On top of that, it can be a helpful tool in crafting a compelling email campaign.

creating google ads with rytr

Source: Delante’s own screenshot


This is a Ukrainian cloud-based software that allows you to check the language accuracy of both short and long content. You can find it at The tool is available in both free and paid versions for individual and business customers.

When operating in foreign markets, grammatical and overall language accuracy is extremely important. The better your ad is crafted, the higher the chance of capturing the audience’s interest. You’d probably agree that a proofread ad text isn’t only more clickable but also more reliable than an ad with grammar or spelling mistakes – and that’s where Grammarly comes in handy.

The tool also allows you to check language accuracy while writing emails. This can be incredibly useful for communicating with international Clients.

Grammarly AI & Google Ads

Source: Delante’s own screenshot


Another handy AI/ML tool for generating simple texts can be found at Its creators describe it as a “writing assistant” that helps optimize your work time when it comes to crafting emails, articles, posts, reports, and other content.

Once you submit your query, the tool generates 5 text options for you to choose from. Interestingly, using the collected data, it also learns about your writing style and preferences, aiming to provide more accurate suggestions.

You can use Hyperwrite through its chat interface or the Chrome extension, which allows seamless integration with popular platforms like Gmail, Outlook, WordPress, LinkedIn, Google Docs, and more. However, it’s worth noting that the tool currently supports only the English language.

While the tool operates a bit slowly, it can still come in handy for generating advertising content and headlines, serving more as an inspiration. Keep in mind that the system may not effectively limit the character count when using the “Faster” option.

If you play a bit with the settings, you can expect slightly more relevant content, although it might still feel somewhat generic. It’s not ideal for creating keyword lists. In my view, it can be particularly useful for longer texts, such as client documents, articles, and product descriptions because it can provide you with a source of inspiration to work with.

Hyperwrite & Google Ads

Source: Delante’s own screenshot

Create a Google Ads Campaign Using AI

Let’s say you already know which AI-powered tools can help you create ad content. Now, imagine you want to set up a Google campaign from scratch. Let’s explore how AI can help you with that.

When starting your ad journey with Google Ads, ChatGPT may turn out to be more than useful. For example, it can assist you in structuring your campaign and generating relevant keywords to boost its performance. It can also provide insights into budget estimates, giving you an idea of the minimum amount needed for your campaigns.

Whether you’re crafting ad content for Google Ads or Facebook Ads, you can leverage various tools mentioned earlier. Personally, I find Chat GPT the most user-friendly option, but you can explore other online software as well. Regardless of the tool you pick, remember to stick to the character limits – be sure you introduce this information to the software you use.

If you wish to learn about graphic content and AI, read Artificial Intelligence Creates Graphics: How to Use Popular AI Tools.

If you’re in need of more abstract graphics, take a look at Midjourney. Explore the new AI possibilities in Canva for social media. Also, I suggest staying updated on Adobe’s Firefly – this one sounds quite interesting, and hopefully, it’ll live up to the promises mentioned in their promotional materials. For getting rid of the background, try RemoveBG.

When it comes to Performance Max campaigns, you may consider using some cool video content. In his case, my advice for you is to have a go at or (if you already have video material).


The growth of AI and ML is inevitable and has clearly been gaining momentum. We’re witnessing the emergence of new types of software and startups that use language models to offer various conveniences for everyday work. But in my view, it’s not a revolution we’re experiencing here – it’s more of an evolution.

AI/ML systems have been in development for many years.

It’s worth realizing that these are neither our enemies nor tools that will take away our jobs. They’re rather software that adapts our responsibilities to the new reality. These tools have the potential to inspire, foster creativity, and assist in repetitive and straightforward tasks.

However, expert knowledge, years of experience, and the human touch in work will always have their place in the market. As technology advances, the human element in work becomes even more valuable.

Let me know if you find the tools I mentioned above helpful in creating ads for Google or Meta Ads! And if you need high-quality ads created by Specialists, feel free to reach out to us!

Aga Glińska SEM Delante
Agnieszka Glińska

SEM Specialist

Graduated in business analytics, marketing and advertising graphics. She has been in the SEM Department at Delante since May 2019, where she currently manages and optimizes Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns as a Specialist. She is passionate about graphic design and follows changes in the Google and Social Media market. Privately, she develops Concept Art skills. In her backpack there is always a sketchbook and a pencil. She loves animation and learning about art and pop culture.

Aga Glińska SEM Delante
Agnieszka Glińska

SEM Specialist

Graduated in business analytics, marketing and advertising graphics. She has been in the SEM Department at Delante since May 2019, where she currently manages and optimizes Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns as a Specialist. She is passionate about graphic design and follows changes in the Google and Social Media market. Privately, she develops Concept Art skills. In her backpack there is always a sketchbook and a pencil. She loves animation and learning about art and pop culture.

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