7 Elements that are Most Effective for Product Descriptions



7 Elements that are Most Effective for Product Descriptionsd-tags
16 November 2021
What should be included in the product description elements of e-commerce product pages? It’s a more difficult topic than you’d think upon first hearing about it. Product descriptions are easy, right? What’s there to know? Keep reading and find out.



Table of contents: The key to effective marketing and effective SEO practices means that product descriptions take center stage. By reading this article you’ll know exactly what you’ll need to do in order to kickstart your sales and website reach! Product descriptions are one of the most important aspects of e-commerce, so learning all the proper rules is crucial to success. There are some key elements of e-commerce product description that you should know in order to get the most out of it.

Do Product Descriptions Matter?

Being able to identify and explain your products effectively to customers is an incredibly important aspect of e-commerce and so is being able to effectively write their descriptions for SEO. Inconsistent product information has the potential to greatly damage brand reputation and increase the rate at which potential customers leave the site. Neither of these things is good and has the ability to completely kill a business. This means that paying attention to your product descriptions is very important!

Why Using Manufacturer Content is Problematic

You should never simply rely on the manufacturer’s product descriptions. For one, they most likely will not have the style that your website currently uses, making a jarring effect happen when people read content that was very obviously not in line with your site. Not only that, but manufacturer product descriptions are already used on manufacturer websites, meaning that the content you are trying to use will be duplicated, or even triplicated, causing your SEO to drop because engines think you are stealing content. Always write your own content, that way it is unique and you have full control over it! So, what should be included in the product description? Keep reading to find out!

7 Elements For Effective Product Descriptions

The following list isn’t exhaustive, but it offers a very great starting point for anyone looking to optimize sales and SEO. While there are many tools out there that will also help, creating unique content is far and away from the most effective method of boosting metrics! With the following list of the most important elements of e-commerce product description, you will be able to optimize your store and most likely immediately start seeing gains.

1. Answer 5W+H

What on earth does that mean? Simply, it is the comprehensive list of questions to answer anything: Who, What, Where, When, Why, How! In relation to product descriptions, customers need to know everything about them so they are confident with the purchase they are about to make. When writing descriptions, always keep these questions in mind – and think about the best way you can mesh them into the rest of your site! For example, customers usually want to know the following:
  • Who is the product for?
  • What is unique about this product?
  • Where can they use the product?
  • When would they use the product?
  • Why is this product better than a competitors’?
  • How does the product work?
Answer these questions and customers will not wonder about anything you have to offer!

2. Keep your customer personas in mind

Simply put, a buyer persona is a profile that depicts your ideal customer based on all the relevant data you have accumulated about your customer base. It makes sense, for instance, that selling stuffed animals would mean that “child” is a key concept for your business! Buyer personas help to humanize your customer base and have them feel like they’re truly understood when they’re visiting your store. Understanding and converting your customer base is crucial to long-term sales and growth! Always keep in mind demographic information, prior purchases, behavior patterns, and motivations when creating descriptions. Increase your online sales with SEO by Delante

3. Use Benefit-Driven Language

In order to effectively speak to your customers, you must describe your product in a way that exposes real values and benefits to the customer. They might not care that a blender is 12% more efficient on energy, but they might certainly care that this blender can have a much longer lifespan. Always be sure to explain and detail your product in ways that fully cater to what your customer desires. By doing so, you will immediately have an impact on them and their purchasing decisions.

4. Specificity is King

Making sure your details are concise, specific, and direct, is the perfect way to conduct business and allow the customer to understand all the details before making the purchase. Be specific and make sure that your descriptions are on-point and do not stray from the material. If you are selling a canned drink, don’t start talking about dog food! It’s important to detail explicitly and specifically what your product is.

5. Use Keywords!

Keywords are one of the most important aspects of SEO for your website! You cannot neglect them, and they are crucial for every page you create, including product pages. Using the right collection of keywords is a very important element of e-commerce product description. Choose ones that represent your brand and the products or service you are selling – you will immediately get the proper ranking response from search engines and it'll allow people to find you much more easily.
Put yourself in the mind of your customers: How are they searching out products to buy? That is how you can effectively advertise to them.

6. Make the Description Informative and Attractive

Many products have a variety of information and specifications that can be listed about them – it is your job to collect it all and bring a cohesive, easy-to-digest package to the consumer. Using a variety of ways to convey your product – videos, demonstrations, etc – will go a long way to assisting the sale. Alongside a well-written description, an informative and attractive presentation will go a long way!

7. Provide Proof of Quality

Social Proof is a concept that is central to great e-commerce - understanding and utilizing it makes a huge difference between businesses that succeed and businesses that fail. Social Proof is based on the idea of social influence, which means that in order to feel accepted, people will be swayed by the thoughts and opinions of others. This is why rating sites, reviews, user profiles, and more can easily be found on the internet. If you’re able to provide testimonials, user ratings, or sponsors for your product, you will see a much larger shift in sales! [caption id="attachment_46298" align="aligncenter" width="262"]Increase your online sales with SEO by Delante Nike women's running shoes reviews Source: nike.com[/caption]

Product Descriptions Can Make or Break Your Business

Now you know, what should be included in the product description and why you must pay attention to it! As one of the most important parts of e-commerce, product descriptions drive many of the sales (or drive away potential sales) on the internet today. They must be adhered to and, if successful, will provide you with a tremendous benefit over the competition. Always keep in mind what you yourself would want as a customer: would you want a confusing, non-descriptive, thrown-together description for a product you were interested in? Or would you rather something that informs you, leaving you certain you’re about to make the best choice? We know what we’d want!
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Delante is an online marketing agency specialized in generating website traffic from search engines and paid ads (SEO / SEM). Over 80% of our clients are from rapidly growing e-commerce industry.

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