Deep Link

What is Deep Link? – Definition

A deep link is a hyperlink that leads to a specific part of the content on a website or web application. Initially, it indicated a link to a given page. Currently, this term is used for links used to connect web resources and mobile applications as well as to create push notifications or marketing emails.

The backlink profile is among the most important Google ranking factors. One of the aspects of such a profile is the proportion of deep links to links that lead to the homepage. Too many links to the homepage may be considered malicious.

Marketing Automation with Mobile Deep Linking

Currently, deep links are most often discussed in connection with mobile marketing automation. In a more advanced form, they can gather data about users and lead them to personalized content.

Mobile deep links are used to send users to specific panels in mobile apps, push notifications, or marketing emails. They can lead, for example, to an abandoned basket.

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