Exact match

What is the Exact Match? – Definition

An exact match is used to restrict the display of ads. By using a phrase in square brackets, you inform Google Ads that you want to display a given ad only to users who entered the exact keyword or its close variants.

How Will Ads Be Displayed?

Ads will be displayed on user queries that are the same as the declared phrase (e.g. [Camping tent 3×3]), as well as its close variants which include e.g. abbreviations, misspellings, synonyms, stemming, or accents. It will also display a phrase with reordered words and those that don’t include functional words – prepositions, conjunctions, articles.

Pros and Cons of Exact Match

The main advantage of an exact match is the best control on how and when your ads are displayed. Thanks to this, ads can be accurately targeted at people interested in your offer. This can also help to improve CTR. However, this option heavily limits the range, reduces the number of impressions and clicks.

Exact Match and Negative Keywords

The main function of negative keywords is to inform Google Ads that you don’t want your website to be displayed on particular user queries. The excluded keyword should be written in square brackets, for example [calligraphy supplies]. It is worth keeping in mind that if a given user query will contain additional words before or after the declared phrase the ads may still be displayed (for example: “calligraphy supplies for beginners”).

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