Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center is a Google tool used to process product feeds for Google Ads campaigns (product ads and dynamic remarketing campaigns). GMC gathers information about the company, delivery cost or company logo. With GMC, the advertiser is able to use the seller ratings.

Advantages of Google Merchant Center:

  • Shopping ads are highly effective.
  • Visually appealing product design and good visibility in search results.
  • Great opportunity to increase conversions.

GMC in Practice

To begin, you will need to create an account and claim your store’s website. The next step is to add a product listing. This can be done by selecting the Products page in the menu and then the Feeds section.

google merchant center definition

Next, select the country of sale, primary feed name, and input method. You can do this through, for example, a regularly updated Google sheet.

What Are the Benefits of Google Merchant Center?

Using Google Merchant Center and Shopping ads, you can easily present your offer to Google users. Unlike standard Google Ads, instead of text ads, users see ads with product images and their prices. Shopping ads will be seen by people looking for specific items. They present the most important information for the consumer (price and product image). This, in turn, translates into a high possibility of increasing the conversion rate.

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