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What is SEO hosting? – Definition

SEO hosting is one of the types of web hosting models. It is responsible for page load speed and web data storage.

In SEO hosting, a website can have multiple IP addresses in different locations  – as Google ranks high websites with relevant geographical locations, it can improve the SEO process and visibility in search results. What’s more, you can build multiple sites on one SEO hosting – each site is hosted on a unique block, so even if Google penalizes one of your sites, others of them will not be unnecessarily punished.

Which Type of SEO Hosting to Choose?

seo hosting what is it

When deciding on SEO hosting, you have 3 options to choose from:

  • a dedicated server, users receive customized hosting services tailored to their needs; they have large transfer limits and low failure rates;
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server), only a part of the physical server is used, the server is shared with others;
  • shared server, the most popular and affordable type of SEO hosting; the resources of a given machine are shared with other websites;

If you are wondering which type of server will be best for your business, check out our article and read more about it: Server selection – what to pay attention to?

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