Local SEO Content – How to Make Content for Local Business?

Local SEO Content – How to Make Content for Local Business?

Local SEO content is huge for any business looking to get more customers in their general area. It is an effective way to grow your audience base and an easy strategy for more engagement. This article will tell you the best practices to keep in mind!

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For SEO, content is king. It is the single most valuable aspect of domain maintenance and a critical thing to consider if you want more traffic going to your site! Content for local SEO is also crucial in order to garner more local advertising and clout – in order to better serve your patrons, they need to know who you are!

How to Create Local SEO Content?

Creating content specifically targeted locally only truly differs from general content in a few ways. Most notably, simply tagging your content with more local keywords – “New York Real Estate Agent” as opposed to simply “Real Estate Agent” is a simple and effective way to start localizing content.

By doing so, you will immediately appear in results that local customers search for in their search engine. This means that anyone interested in finding a real estate agent in your region will see your content appear!

In order to bolster your local consumer base, having targeted, local SEO content is essential to expand your presence. There are also a multitude of benefits for doing so, including:

  • Making yourself more competitive in your region
  • Meeting and serving newcomers and to draw in more visitors
  • Connecting with more people interested in buying local
  • Being more prominent in phone searches
  • Taking advantage of an inexpensive, successful way to advertise

Content for local SEO is easier to get set up than you may think. By following the steps below, you’ll be well on your way to mastering local SEO and dramatically increasing your business’ reach.

Research Local Keywords

Finding the proper keywords that fit the context of your region is crucial to rank properly in SERPs. SEO always takes time to master, but local keywords will push it over the edge and give your reach a boost.

Local keywords are simply keywords that have the strongest effect with your location. “Miami Beach Sushi Restaurant” will have a much stronger performance if you are a sushi restaurant in Miami Beach than if you just keyword “Sushi Restaurant,” for instance.

“Near me” phrases (“Sushi Restaurant near me”) will also assist this effort.

There are various tools you can use to find keywords, including Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Moz, and more!

Once you have access to these tools, keyword choice becomes a breeze!

local keywords in SEMRush tool

Create a Location-Specific Landing Page

Having separate locations for any location you deal with is a simple and effective way to expand the specificity of your content and maximize engagement with your clientele. Directing New Yorkers to your New York storefront page is a great way to maximize efficiency and limit confusion.

Not only that, but you will also be able to specifically tailor your website to local searches by utilizing things like a street address or district. “Manhattan Clothing Store” is much better than “New York Clothing Store,” for example!

Write Content with Local Keywords

Once you find your keywords of choice, creating content around them becomes a breeze. Keywords should be placed all throughout the article (headlines, meta-tags, URL, and content, for instance), and inserted in a natural way.

After creating the local seo content strategy, topics specific to your local region become the most important part! By leveraging local oddities, your content will be sure to connect with more people nearby. Try creating content about:

  • Upcoming events
  • Local history
  • District culture
  • New trends
  • Targeted demographics

Local-based Blog Content

Writing about, and being actively engaged in, local events is a surefire way to get more people involved in your business. By talking about the local football game or the upcoming festival, you can offer insights and fun anecdotes to a crowd of people looking towards the same activities!

The more active you look in the community, the more attractive your business becomes to the locals.

Would you like to get a customized content plan that will make creating your content easy? Try our content plan services and make content your local audience will love!

Customer Case Studies and Interviews

Nothing is better advertising than word-of-mouth and including the thoughts, feelings, and opinions of the people around you in your content is a great way to promote your business. Showing clients’ perspectives is a powerful tool in your local arsenal.

blockchain seo case study

Local Guest Pieces

If you’re able to connect with other businesses or notable figures around your community, do so! People might not know your business very well, but they may know the local celebrity or politician. If you are able to get them to create content for you, people will be naturally drawn to your business.

The more representation you can offer for your business and for your local area, the more the population around you will notice and reward you!

While you should never talk negatively about the competition (or even bring them up), you should try your best to mention other similar businesses! If you’re a shoe store looking for a local boost, giving attention to the local dress shop may be a great way to cross-pollinate your client bases.

content marketing for seo

The Importance of Images

Images, especially location-tagged images, play a huge role in SEO. It’s great using them for any content you can — especially by allowing you to put more keywords into alt tags. Taking a picture of the local park’s flowers in bloom, a sunset picture of your street, or people having a gathering at the community center are all great ways to promote your own business in a wholesome way.

Conversational Tones for Voice Searching

75% of people who own smart speakers use them to search for the local business they need and they do so on a weekly basis. This means that optimizing your content’s language for the way people actually speak is an incredibly effective way to maximize your SEO ranking!

Voice searches tend to be full sentences instead of singular words or phrases, so typing how you speak, it will have a very strong effect.

google voice search use
Source: https://www.invoca.com/blog/voice-search-stats-marketers

Creating ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ Pages

FAQs are a great way to answer customer questions while also including your keywords. You can even include local-specific questions (“Is your company getting ready for the summer festival?”) to target even more regional customers!

Find out what the real power of FAQ pages is and overcome thin content!

FAQs are a great way to be comprehensive with your audience in a way that will help them with any purchase with your company. By answering these questions in ways that also include your keywords, you can effectively advertise and be helpful at the same time.

google direct answers faq

Video Content

In the days of TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, having a video presence can be just as impactful as any written content. Content in 2022 is much more media-driven than it has been in the past, and maintaining a strong presence on video sites will be great for advertising.

The best thing about video content is that it is a great way to humanize and de-mystify your business! Show people a variety of things that are unique to you and connect with them in a more intimate way. Try the following video ideas for the best results:

  • Behind-the-scenes content about everyday workings
  • Product creation and maintenance
  • Simple guides on how best to use your products
  • Personal videos about your team
  • Viral content using your storefront
  • Audience response videos

Maintain an Active Social Media Presence

Making a recognizable brand that can reach people in your region and beyond is a great way to maximize your advertising reach. By keeping up with the important social media profiles (Twitter, Instagram, etc), you can reap a variety of benefits for your business with a minimum of effort.

Keeping short, engaging videos on the top of your accounts is eye-catching and often entertaining, allowing people to experience something new with your business. Having a variety of great pictures to show the world is another great way to show off what you can do!

The benefits of maintaining a great social media presence are numerous:

  • Staying in the minds of your customers
  • Increasing website traffic
  • Increased sales
  • Partnering with similar content creators
  • Possibility of going viral
  • Allow you to manage your reputation
  • Direct customer communication

Neglect Local SEO at Your Own Risk!

If you want more business coming through the doors of your bar, or more interaction with your yarn store from the people around you, you’re going to want to establish your local SEO ranking as fast as possible!

By creating a website with content specific to the locations you deal with, you can actively target the people you want and help enmesh your business into the community you’ve chosen! This will directly increase your business and reputation, making your operation stronger than ever.

Need help with creating local content that will spark interest in your audience? Contact us! Our team of experienced content creators will be more than happy to help you!

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