How to Support Link Building by Creating Great Content

How to Support Link Building by Creating Great Content
03 February 2022
Linkable content is some of the most important to focus on when trying to follow best practices to optimize SEO. By understanding how to create linkable content that people want to enjoy, you will be able to retain more customers and thrive in the online space!
Table of contents: This article will show you everything you need to know when it comes to linkable content and allow you to operate with maximum efficiency when running your domain. By supporting proper interlinking pages and sites with linkable content, your domain will get the exposure it needs to stay on top.

What is Linkable Content?

At its core, linkable content is high-quality content that people want to link to others. This can take a variety of forms, but they all have quality in mind! Whether you want to write a step-by-step guide to buy a house, a film analysis, or a recipe for sourdough bread, you are going to want to create it in such a way as to prove that it is an article other people will want to see. linkable content example It’s more important to have good, original content than it is to have content with a lot of links embedded inside. People want to share what they like with others, and if you make the content they like, the world will eventually see it! Creating linkable content is an important part of a good link building service!

How to Create Linkable Content

Understanding how to create linkable content will improve your site’s presence dramatically and ensure that you’re spending less time overall making your domain SEO optimized. Most people just want to read a good article about the topic they’re currently looking up, so playing into that mindset is key! Here are some tried-and-true methods to creating linkable content people will actively search for (and hopefully share with their friends).

Create Informational/Educational Articles

These articles, simply, are designed to give the reader the information they are searching for in an easy-to-digest and straightforward manner. Simple examples of these include the various “How to” articles that you can find anywhere online, or basic guides detailing a task. how to create linkable content example Being easy to read is key with these since people do not want to take their time deciphering your writing style in order to best learn how to clean a bathroom sink. This article you are currently reading would be under this category! After you have your topic and desired (simple) writing style, try to consider how the content connects with the overall scope of your website and how you can make it, and your domain, more relevant to your audience as a whole. This will allow for maximum reach and ensure your content gets linked successfully. It might even land you in the “zero position” in SERPs, becoming the go-to candidate for every search within that topic. Also, don’t forget a catchy title! Many people judge content based solely on the heading on a search, so never neglect it. Another tactic to use when creating linkable content like this is to create content that people might not be aware of that is related to your website. For example, there are endless articles about baking sourdough bread, but how many articles are there about baking on a campfire? Trying to differentiate your content by using topics that are less familiar to people is great because there will always be less competition and will be inherently more interesting.

Create Resource Guide

Resource guides are typically longer-form content of around 2,500 words, which targets a specific audience with content that is valuable to them in some way. This type of content is great for your website since it acts as its own source, meaning that people will have to refer back to it in order to accomplish their goals. Resource guides have great potential as linkable content! conent marketing inspiration A perfect example of this is in the video game landscape: guides are comprehensive ‘encyclopedias’ of certain games that players will refer to in order to complete tasks. Likewise, a resource guide on living in Paris would include the cost of life sections, amenities, transportation, entertainment, and more. These guides would then be linked to anyone interested in the overarching topic at hand – but they must have high-quality information! If your guide to Paris doesn’t include the Eiffel Tower at all, there may be something wrong with it and be prevented from gaining any attention from the world at large. The end result of this process, besides having a great guide, is that you will receive many more backlinks than you otherwise would if your content was not high quality or directed to a specific purpose.
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Don’t be fooled, however! Resource guide content is difficult and intensive. Only the best guides rise to the top and all the best guides are chock-full of well-researched information. Asking specialists’ opinions and investigating deeply into the topic will be the only ways forward here. [caption id="attachment_47207" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Read more about the most common link building mistakes in our premium report:[/caption]

Redistribute Your Content for Maximum Effect

Getting your linkable content on as many platforms as possible will dramatically improve your site’s performance and lead you towards a very connected atmosphere. If you can take your content and cut it into component parts, or otherwise restructure it, you can provide snippets of larger pieces to many different platforms, ensuring that potential visitors follow the threads to the source. For example, if you have a long-form production – like a show, a podcast, or even a novel – you can take segments of that content and post them around the internet. If you take a video clip from a live, 2-hour podcast and put it on Instagram in a 10-second clip, you’re able to reach many more people that you would otherwise not be able to! This immediately creates links to and from your source content and allows you to lay breadcrumbs for the population at large.

Linkable Content Drives Traffic Growth

Of all the kinds of content to allow websites to flourish, great content that gets linked broadly will have the best results for your website as a whole! By creating great linkable content that serves a useful purpose, you don’t necessarily need to have the site with the highest Domain Authority in order to get a great number of views. Linkable content itself bolsters Domain Authority by being shareable to a wider audience and expanding your reach through popularity and usefulness. If you continually create great content that people will share, they will end up doing most of the SEO work for you! And if you would like a little extra help with that, contact us and we will get your website to the top of the search results!
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