SEO For The Ecological Industry – How To Do It?

SEO For The Ecological Industry – How To Do It?

Currently, each of us pays greater attention to purchased goods, consumed food or applied hygiene products. We focus on performed activities and their impact on the world around us. The fight for the environment has become, in a nutshell, simply fashionable and many companies compete to offer more eco-friendly products and actions.

What makes up the eco industry?

The eco industry is a relatively broad term. It includes all businesses that offer goods marked as organic, performs environmentally-friendly actions, or applies ecological solutions. The list includes mainly grocery stores with healthy food, clothing stores with items sewn from organic fabrics, natural cosmetics stores, eco-friendly web portals, and many others.

How to do SEO for stores with ecological products?

First of all, reliability

Your reliability is the key issue you should pay attention to when doing SEO for the ecological industry. Consider whether the product you offer really meets the requirements of an organic good. Some of the basic guidelines you should follow (depending on the type of products) are:

  • Organic cosmetic, fabric, or food composition that meets EU requirements,
  • Recyclable packaging or packaging made of biodegradable material,
  • The product should not be tested on animals.

Remember that if you can see that your product isn’t fully compliant with ecological principles, others will surely notice it too. So, take care of every detail.

Second of all, content

The content offered to customers is crucial in the eco industry SEO. Create valuable texts that will attract potential buyers looking for specific information. Use more detailed key phrases, the so-called long-tails to increase your competitiveness. People search for professional comments and reviews. If you create appropriate content, you may position yourself as an industry expert that inspires trust.

Remember to introduce interesting, comprehensive, and unique categories or product descriptions. They have a positive impact on your page UX, visibility, and the final purchase decisions of customers.

Don’t forget about a tool crucial in this industry – storytelling. It combines both content and reliability. By affecting emotions and imagination, you can consciously build relationships with both current and potential customers.

Third of all, optimization

Don’t forget about optimization. Writing a factually correct and interesting text is only half of the success. Before you publish the article on your website, you should optimize it in accordance with the principles of SEO. Appropriate headers, the selection and use of key phrases as well as photos with alternative descriptions. All these actions will help Google robots find and evaluate your content.

Apart from optimizing the text, it’s important to optimize the entire website. Remember about the appropriate title or meta description. Apply internal links within the site to help users find content that’s of interest to them. Link to the landing page and relevant subpages.

In addition to internal linking, you can take care of external links and good-quality backlinks to your site.

The power of social media

Social media is an essential part of SEO for every industry. However, in some sectors, it can be more beneficial than in others. In the eco industry, it’s definitely worth benefiting from such platforms to improve your brand recognition. Start with setting up a Facebook fan page, an account on Instagram, as well as profiles on sites like Pinterest and Tumblr. Combining these channels with cooperation with influencers can bring you truly spectacular results.

When choosing people to collaborate with, be sure that their image matches your brand philosophy and values. This way, you’ll avoid possible mishaps in the future.

social media activity in seo for ecological industry

Local SEO

Some stores in the eco industry are small, family businesses. Their SEO should be based on the same principles as in the case of big brands, but you can also take additional steps that will allow you to improve visibility on the market. Local SEO is one of such steps and it can surely bring spectacular results to stores with organic food or cosmetics.

Local SEO is based on SEO for keywords related to a particular location, such as region or city. For this purpose, we choose long-tail phrases with the name of the city or region e.g. “eco food in Jersey” or “natural cosmetics Boston”. This makes it much easier to reach potential customers looking for services or products in a particular location.

SEO for the ecological industry – the takeaway

Your brand credibility is crucial in the case of the eco industry. Don’t resign from quality to lower the prices. In this industry, quality is king and customers are frequently willing to pay more to get exactly what they need.

Be a minimalist. Not only when it comes to the ingredients of your products. As you could notice, design is an important element of the ecological industry. Most eco companies go for simple and aesthetic logos or products. Take your time to define the visual identity of your brand. Quality content is crucial when talking about online activities. Local SEO and cooperation with influencers can bring your business spectacular results.

Junior SEO Specialist - Aleksandra

Junior SEO Specialist

A graduate of journalism at the Jagiellonian University, in Delante since November 2019. In SEO, she enjoys creating interesting content. Interested in everything related to the human mind, but she's definitely most attracted to the power of persuasion. Her passion is traveling and she dreams of exploring the Arctic.

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