Significant Changes Coming to Facebook Ads in June 2023

Significant Changes Coming to Facebook Ads in June 2023
16 June 2023
The recent changes in European Union law have had a direct impact on advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Find out what updates you need to make by June 21st!

Adding a Beneficiary & Payer: The Most Important Change in Facebook Ads

Effective from June 21st this year, it is mandatory to clearly indicate the Beneficiary and Payer in every ad. The Beneficiary refers to the person or organization benefiting from the ad, while the Payer is the person or organization responsible for the ad payment (if different from the Beneficiary).

This change applies to all advertisers within the European Union, associated regions, and even globally targeted ads.

What Happens If You Don’t Set a Beneficiary & Payer?

You won’t be able to publish or display any new, duplicated, or edited ads with the aforementioned targeting. It’s worth noting that this requirement extends to all platforms used for ad creation, including the Marketing API.

The option to add the Beneficiary and Payer has been made available since June 5th, gradually rolling out to additional ad accounts. However, it becomes mandatory to set them up starting from June 21st.

How to Add the Beneficiary and Payer Information

You’ll find the options within the ad settings. For a step-by-step process and additional information, visit the Meta Business Help Center .

No More Specific Professions Targetting

Soon, targeting professions (occupations) will no longer be allowed on both Meta Ads and Twitter. This change is a direct result of recent EU law amendments.

New Audience Segments

Facebook now enables the creation of audience groups based on specific link clicks within a Collection. As a result, crafting Collection ads for different product subgroups can be more profitable.

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Ban on Selling on Facebook?

Starting from August 10, 2023, “support for shops without Checkout with Facebook or Instagram enabled will end.” However, there are exceptions for the 21 countries listed in the announcement.

The ban does not apply to the following markets: Australia, Brazil, Denmark, France, Spain, Netherlands, India, Indonesia, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Mexico, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Thailand, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Ukraine, and Italy.

Different rules regarding shops on Facebook and Instagram also apply in the United States.

Facebook determines the store’s location based on the associated business account’s location.

For official information about this change, please visit Meta Business Help Center.


Facebook announces important changes for ad creators and sellers on Meta. However, it highlights the value of leveraging both free and paid tools to discover new customers and drive sales.

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