Why Is It Important to Rank High in Google?



Why Is It Important to Rank High in Google?
20 August 2021
Top positions in the search results facilitate company development and bring more benefits than any other form of promotion. Nowadays, SEO is one of the most common forms of online website promotion. Companies spend fortunes to reach the finest positions in the search results. But is it really important to rank high in Google? And if so, why?



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Where Do Users Search for Information?

Today, not many people search for information in a traditional way. Instead of looking for news in newspapers, going to the library, and studying lots of books, they reach for a computer and browse the net. The Internet has become the most powerful and common medium. Users regularly benefit from search engines to access content that’s of interest to them. For most of them, it’s the primary source of information on virtually any topic.

Search engines have replaced encyclopedias, dictionaries, business directories, or cookbooks. People search the net to find job offers, various tips, recipes, reviews of products, services, specific companies, and many more. When shopping online, they frequently select online stores instead of traditional brick-and-mortar malls as this usually means saving both time and money.

The potential of the search engine is increasing every day, therefore, if you want to encourage Internet users to benefit from your offer and purchase your goods, it’s extremely important to rank high in the search results.

exemplary search results

See how many pages are there to check out while looking for a mechanic in NY? Noone will ever find you on the bottom of that list – that’s why making sure that your business is displayed high in search results is so important!

Popularity of Google

Currently, Google dominates search engine popularity rankings in most countries. In Poland, it’s chosen by as many as 97% of all Internet users. Internationally it’s also ranked first among search engines on desktop devices with a score of 76.98%. Every day, billions of users use this search engine to find the information they need.

The vast majority of activities performed to improve website positions in the search results is tailored to Google which can boast extremely smart algorithms and tools that help it understand page content better. That’s why the quality of website content is so relevant.

Statistics – What Do They Tell Us?

In just 1 second, there are about 2.3 million Google searches! However, most Internet users tend to choose sites that are on the first page of results for specific keywords. According to research, results on the first Google page generate 92% of website traffic. Only a few % of people visit the next pages.

The further a website position, the smaller chances it’ll be accessed by a potential customer. Thus, ranking high in Google is crucial. Even if users don’t decide to visit your page right away, they’ll certainly notice it in the search results which will have a positive impact on your brand awareness and recognition.

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Search Engine Optimization – What Is It?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and denotes a series of activities performed to improve website positions in the organic search results as much as possible. SEO is a long and complex process that aims at increasing page traffic and visibility in search results. The higher the website position, the more users access it. SEO is the cornerstone of online marketing.

SEO activities

The SEO process consists of the following elements:

  • On-site optimization, meaning processes dedicated to improving website elements for both users and search engine robots. It includes technical website modifications (code and content changes). These activities guarantee efficient website indexing by search engines and increase its impressions for specific keywords.
  • Content marketing, meaning website content that is valuable to users. Texts published on the site are meant to attract readers. Unique content has a positive impact on the website’s position in Google search results.
  • Link building, which involves acquiring links from other sites. The quality of obtained links is more important than their quantity. It’s crucial to ensure that links are thematically related to the page you do SEO for.

Benefits Of Being Ranked High In The Search Results

A properly managed SEO process brings numerous benefits. To be honest, there is no radio, tv, or newspaper advertisement that would give such impressive effects as a top position in the search results. Moreover, it’s also the cheapest (from the abovementioned ones) option. The first and most important thing is that being ranked high in the search results gives you a chance to increase the number of website visits and reach many potential customers.

It’s extremely important as market competitiveness is constantly growing. Being displayed high for numerous keywords improves brand recognition among customers. Your company becomes more and more popular and it’s recognized by an increasing number of people. Moreover, top positions in Google rankings make your page more prestigious and professional.

This way, you can gain a competitive edge over market rivals. SEO, inter alia, helps to increase profits and provides perfect development opportunities for small and medium-sized companies. An increasing number of website visits translates into bigger sales. Therefore, investments in SEO quickly pay off.

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The possibility to get to know users’ preferences is another important advantage. Why? When doing SEO, you benefit from properly selected keywords. Thanks to them, you can learn what’s frequently searched in the industry which allows you to stay up to date with changing trends. If you combine the process with analytics, you can gain quite a lot of knowledge about customer behavior and use it to your advantage.

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The increasing popularity of SEO

Due to the fact that the market is constantly expanding and abounds in companies that invest in marketing, the popularity of SEO is constantly increasing. Even if a given website is on top positions in the search results, it can shortly be replaced by another one. Keep this in mind and don’t let your market rivals rank higher.

To be honest, SEO is a must-have for companies that care about development and effective online promotion. It’s extremely important to ensure that your SEO process is handled by a professionalist because an inexperienced person can do more harm than good.

What to do to reach the highest possible position in the search results?

SEO affects the number of website visits, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that companies know how to benefit from that. If an Internet user accesses your website but it doesn’t attract his/her attention, you’re more than likely to lose potential customers.

Therefore, it’s vital to take care of the following elements:

  • page design should attract potential customers. Create a layout that will make you stand out from the crowd and encourage users to benefit from offered services.
  • competitive prices ought to convince people to shop. If a user becomes attracted to your offer just after entering the website, s/he will probably visit subpages with product or service prices. It’s more than certain that high prices will deter potential buyers.
  • easy website navigation. If you run an online store, it’s important to ensure that every user can effortlessly navigate it, regardless of age. It’s certain that people having problems with placing an order, choosing shipping options or paying will simply choose a different offer.
  • service quality that makes people want to benefit from your offer again in the future. It’s crucial to maintain positive relationships with customers. Being helpful and solving every problem patiently ensures that users will visit your website in the future and recommend your products or services to friends.

The Importance of Ranking High in Google – The Takeaway

Due to the fact that users regularly benefit from search engines to access information that’s of interest to them, high Google positions are crucial to success. Being at the top of the search engine ranking gives you an opportunity to attract many potential customers who will have a chance to get acquainted with your offer and choose your services.

What’s more, top positions translate into improved brand recognition and customer trust.

Frequently, investing a comparably small amount of money can help you generate greater profits and increase your sales. When doing SEO, you learn about the expectations and needs of Internet users which allows you to tailor offered solutions to the requirements. Market competitiveness is growing every day, therefore, it’s worth choosing real experts in the field who will improve your page visibility, popularity, and recognition. All of this will transform your site into a professional business card.

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Delante is an online marketing agency specialized in generating website traffic from search engines and paid ads (SEO / SEM). Over 80% of our clients are from rapidly growing e-commerce industry.

Logo Delante

Delante is an online marketing agency specialized in generating website traffic from search engines and paid ads (SEO / SEM). Over 80% of our clients are from rapidly growing e-commerce industry.


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