10 Ways to Get Better Mobile Traffic

10 Ways to Get Better Mobile Traffic
23 April 2020
With mobile traffic proving more popular and valuable for businesses, it's good to take a proper care of your mobile SEO strategy. Check the article and learn 10 of the best ways to get better mobile traffic to your website.

SEO for Mobile: A Ticket to Success

According to the latest year-on-year data from March 2020, mobile internet usage holds a 52% majority worldwide over 45% held by desktop (with a small percentage for tablet browsing). The bottom line? No matter where you are in the world, and the local stats will vary, a large part of your population – if not the vast majority – are browsing on their phones, whether they are working, checking emails, shopping, or using social media. It is, therefore, more important than ever to ensure your business website is optimized for mobile traffic and that your potential customers are getting the best experience when they visit your website. For any business to improve SEO, or enhance a bigger mobile SEO strategy, here 10 ways to get better mobile traffic…

Mobile Optimization For Great Mobile SEO

This may seem obvious, but make sure your website is fully optimized and responsive on mobile. This means the page should automatically resize to fit the screen and appear in a visually engaging, easy to navigate way. It should also load quickly on mobile devices. Making your website mobile friendly is not only a benefit for the user, but it gives you a better chance to rank higher in search results too, since badly designed websites which cannot optimize on mobile may be impacted through Google’s algorithm.

Attract Users on Mobile

Beyond how a website technically optimizes on mobile devices, include plenty of strong content such as high quality written articles, pictures and even video. If this is housed within a mobile-friendly website, your visitors will have plenty of engaging, easy to navigate content to browse.

Create Content for Mobile

Create content with mobile SEO in mind to improve your SEO strategy Accepting the fact that the lion share of web traffic comes from mobile, it’s apparent we need to keep users engaged. You can tailor both long-form and short-form articles for easy consumption and experiment by making videos short, informative and digestible. Consider that most mobile users will be more likely to watch a series of one-minute videos compared to a single 10-minute video. Also, with this approach, you have more opportunities for creating multiple pages, yielding more search engine results and greater mobile SEO traffic.

Understand SEO for Mobile

Just as you have worked hard for your desktop website, you should make sure your SEO strategy takes mobile visitors into account by incorporating any revealing mobile-specific analytics or keywords into your strategy. Remember, it shouldn’t replace but rather enhance and improve SEO you already have.

Check the Competition

As always, it’s very important to monitor your industry competitors, not only for ideas on how to beat them but to take inspiration too. It’s not just about the mobile content they offer, check how their pages appear on your device and even what you like or don’t like about their website, which may help inform future decisions or redesigns you implement down the road.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Combining multiple words or phrases together gives great targeting. While it may not generate as much high traffic volume as shorter keywords, and both are valuable, the quality will definitely win over quantity in this case. Here are some more of the advantages of long-tail SEO.

Be Social

Use social media and go live as part of your mobile SEO plan to engage with customers Social media is extremely important for businesses and consumers. Especially considering the earlier stats on mobile traffic overtaking its desktop counterpart, it’s invaluable to hold a social media presence in some form, depending on the nature of your business and audience. With very different audiences across the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn, or Instagram and Twitter, these opportunities and the most suitable content should be explored. We’ve also uncovered a number of ways to drive more traffic from social media.

Go Live

Recent statistics have shown that over 80% of mobile users would rather watch a live video than read a blog post. If it’s appropriate for your work, and even if used sparingly (such as during a special event or podcast), live videos are an engaging way to share your latest business activities and even take live questions or reactions from your virtual audience. Just remember to practice first if you’ve never done this before, ideally from an account other than your business profile!

Use Analytics

SEO for mobile includes checking mobile analytics and data Most websites offer excellent CMS analytics and Google Analytics is a great alternative too. With most social media accounts also offering detailed data such as engagement stats, clickthrough rates and dwell time, it’s never been easier to track progress and improve SEO.

Get Local Traffic

Many organizations have identified local business searches completed via mobile, inevitably when customers are on the move. So, if your business takes customers or meetings through the door, make sure you are listed on Google My Business, Yelp and Yellow Pages with opening hours, contact information and a link to your main website.

Make Contact

On a desktop form, you can probably get away with long contact forms requiring many fields to complete them. On mobile, visitors may become impatient. Try to capture only the most important information in as little time as possible and your visitors will be more likely to make contact, sign up to your newsletter, or book a meeting. In fact, there are many ways to encourage visitors to use your contact page. As well as improving your SEO for a mobile strategy, making your website mobile friendly is an important step in attracting more visitors, and converting them into customers. Would you like to discuss even more ways to improve your mobile SEO and earn better mobile traffic? Get in touch for a consultation and find out how we can help or leave us a comment here!
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Mateusz Calik

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