What Business Marketing Tools Should You Use to Improve Your Online Presence



What Business Marketing Tools Should You Use to Improve Your Online Presenced-tags
26 May 2024
You’ve just found a list of business marketing tools that will help you get your products and/or services front and center on your target audience’s screens.



Let me guess: You’re truly eager to strengthen your company’s online presence, so you’re looking for some business marketing tools. But with a dizzying array of options out there, picking just any tool you come across probably won’t be the best idea, right? Changes that a randomly selected marketing tool would help you promote your business online are pretty low, aren’t they?

So, how can you narrow down your choices and get business marketing tools that will get your products and services in front of your target audience?

Start by clarifying what exactly you hope to achieve with business marketing tools.

Business Marketing Tools: Types and Their Applications

Latest marketing tools serve a variety of functions, each designed to help you reach different goals.  The heck out the list below: It categorizes business marketing tools based on their functions and the objectives they can help you accomplish.

Social Media Marketing Tools

If your current goal is to build and foster lasting relationships with your target audience, consider one of the following business marketing tools:


  • Function: Social media management
  • Goal: Helps plan and publish posts across various social platforms, track engagement, and analyze promotional campaign results.
  • Example of use: With Hootsuite, you can schedule and publish posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. This, in turn, helps you better manage social campaigns from one dashboard, saving time and enhancing communication consistency.


  • Function: Social media management
  • Goal: Facilitates creating post schedules, and result analysis. It also promotes team collaboration.
  • Example of use: After scheduling and posting on LinkedIn, you will be able to analyze which posts were better at creating the most engagement. Once receiving these real-data insights, it will be easier for you to introduce changes to your marketing strategy, eventually expanding your reach.

Business Marketing Tools for Creating Texts and Graphics

The following content marketing tools will help you save time in creating static types of content:


  • Function: Graphic design
  • Goal: Helps you create various graphic projects such as presentations, social media posts, flyers, and more, without the need for advanced graphic design skills.
  • Example of use: You can quickly and easily create professionally-looking graphics for your marketing campaigns. With available templates and an intuitive interface, you can design attention-grabbing visuals.


  • Function: Design presentations and infographics
  • Goal: Helps create interactive presentations, infographics, reports, and other visual materials.
  • Example of use: Visme makes it easier for you to prepare interactive reports and presentations that are clean, aesthetically pleasing, and easier to understand. This, in turn, can improve the effectiveness of your marketing communication.


  • Function: Generating texts and marketing messages
  • Goal: Speeds up the creation of written content.
  • Example of use: Use this marketing tool to quickly generate ideas for articles, draft blog posts, and find the right words to respond to comments left by your target audience.

Business Marketing Tools for Video Editing and Automatic Captioning

If you’re into creating videos, you’ll likely appreciate some of the following video marketing tools:

Happy Scribe

  • Function: Transcription and captions
  • Goal: Automatically create transcriptions and captions for videos and podcasts.
  • Example of use: Happy Scribe can help you quickly generate a transcription of your audio track. You can use the output to write a blog post or customize video or audio for the hearing impaired.


  • Function: Audio and video editing
  • Goal: Allows editing of audio and video recordings, transcription creation, and error removal.
  • Example of use: With Descript you can quickly correct errors, add captions, and get transcription generated automatically. This significantly speeds up the post-production process and improves the quality of your materials.

DaVinci Resolve

  • Function: Video editing
  • Goal: Professional video editing, color correction, and special effects addition.
  • Example of use: With DaVinci Resolve, your videos will appear more professional and appealing to viewers. This, in turn, can help increase subscriptions and views on YouTube.

Analytics Marketing Tools

Once you’ve got your attention-grabbing content created, it’s time to check how they’re performing. Use one of the following analytics marketing tools to check whether they’re helping you reach your desired audience.

Google Analytics

  • Function: Website traffic analysis
  • Goal: Allows tracking and analyzing data on website visits, user behavior, and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  • Example of use: Open Google Analytics to analyze users, see which websites are directing traffic to yours, which web pages users visit most frequently, and what actions they take on your website. By gathering such insights, it becomes easier to improve UX and increase conversions.

Google Search Console (GSC)

  • Function: Monitoring and optimizing a website for Google search
  • Goal: Helps you check the website’s position in search results, identify technical issues, and optimize SEO.
  • Example of use: You can use Google Search Console to analyze clicks and impressions and diagnose issues like indexing errors. Having all the data presented neatly in the form of reports will make it easier for you to carry on with the optimizations and improve your search visibility on Google.


  • Function: SEO and link-building analysis
  • Goal: Assists in analyzing backlink profiles, finding keywords, and monitoring search result positions.
  • Example of use: By analyzing your website’s backlinks and those of your competitors, Ahrefs makes it easier for you to identify domains where you can place your content along with a link back to your website. This expands your reach, exposes you to a broader audience, and strengthens your website’s visibility in search results.

Business Marketing Tools to Connect and Engage with Customers

If you’re looking to effectively communicate with your customers and keep your target audience engaged, chances are you may like the below business marketing tools:

Google Ads

  • Function: Displaying ads on Google search and its advertising network
  • Goal: Helps you create and run advertising campaigns shown in Google search results and on partner websites.
  • Example of use: Use Google Ads to create ads that target your audience when they search for products you offer, driving increased website traffic and sales.

Meta Ads (Facebook Ads)

  • Function: Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and other Meta platforms
  • Goal: Creating and managing advertising campaigns across Meta platforms
  • Example of use: Target ads to specific demographic groups on Facebook and Instagram, increasing user engagement and conversions.


  • Function: Email marketing automation
  • Goal: Facilitates creation, sending, and tracking of email campaigns
  • Example of use: Stay in touch with customers by sending newsletters and promotions regularly, fostering customer loyalty, and driving sales.


  • Function: Email marketing and automation
  • Goal: Managing email campaigns and automating mailings
  • Example of use: Use this marketing automation tool to create newsletters in a more efficient way. With its user-friendly interface and advanced automation features, managing your email list should become effortless.


  • Function: Email marketing, automation, and campaign management
  • Goal: Automating email marketing campaigns, conducting webinars, and building landing pages.
  • Example of use: Organize webinars to attract potential customers and set up automated email campaigns to educate attendees, maximizing reach and sales.
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[6 Tips] Choosing Business Marketing Tools to Improve Your Online Presence

Even the most advanced business marketing tools can only take you so far if you’re not actively monitoring and responding to the ever-changing needs of your target audience.

I just want you to realize that …

…buying and learning how to use business marketing tools is just half the battle. Without staying tuned to industry trends and promptly adapting to the changes, even the most highly-rated tools will get you nowhere near the desired outcomes.

See the 6 tips I’ve compiled for you. When combined with strategic use of business marketing tools, they should help you effectively promote your business online and establish it as a visible and respected brand:

  1. Analyze your data and SEO tool reports regularly – Keep track of user behavior on your website using Google Analytics. Look for the most often visited pages and traffic sources.
  2. Experiment and adapt – Try out various marketing strategies and run A/B testing to identify the most effective methods to get attention and hook up your audience.
  3. Make your audience engaged – Listen to what people are saying about your brand using social media monitoring tools. Respond to feedback and adjust your strategies accordingly.
  4. Be aware of the current trends – Stay informed about the latest digital marketing trends and adapt your strategies accordingly.
  5. Automate your tasks – Eliminate routine tasks with automation tools like Mailchimp or GetResponse. Remember about personalizing your messages.
  6. Measure your performance – Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns and focus on using the strategies that give you the best results.
Ula Nowak Marketing Delante
Ula Nowak

Senior Marketing Specialist

At Delante, he has been overseeing foreign marketing strategy since 2020, combining her years of experience in the industry with his passion for all creative things. After hours, an avid seeker of new activities. If she’s not drawing at the moment, she’s probably putting together another playlist, climbing a new boulder, or hiking through Krakow with her dog Mania.

Ula Nowak Marketing Delante
Ula Nowak

Senior Marketing Specialist

At Delante, he has been overseeing foreign marketing strategy since 2020, combining her years of experience in the industry with his passion for all creative things. After hours, an avid seeker of new activities. If she’s not drawing at the moment, she’s probably putting together another playlist, climbing a new boulder, or hiking through Krakow with her dog Mania.

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