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Client Goals


Improving website visibility

Nexelem got in touch with us because they wanted assistance in boosting their website visibility in the Polish market.


Increasing organic traffic

In addition to increasing visibility, our aim was to drive more traffic from organic channels, drawing more potential customers to the website.

SEO Team

Working with Nexelem has been truly rewarding. They’re committed to our collaboration, making sure to implement all the suggested changes actively. This shows me that when there’s trust and clear communication between an SEO Specialist and a client, we can achieve satisfying results together!”

Wiktoria Wójciak
Wiktoria Wójciak SEO Specialist

On-Site Strategy

ImprovingInternal Linking

Why we did it

Internal linking is crucial for a well-organized website structure and helps Google’s bots make sense of the content. Plus, it makes it easier for users to navigate, making it an important part of on-site optimization.

Our partnership with Nexelem kicked off in January 2022 with a thorough examination of their website. The SEO audit we performed revealed, among others, a hitch in the internal linking.

That’s why our initial focus zoomed in on tweaking the product names. Initially, these elements were short and too generic, often lacking important keywords.

menu nexelem przed optymalizacją pod słowa kluczowe

EN] Production / Warehouse / Raw material supply / Logistics / Order / Employees / CRM / Integration / BDO Integration

We offered some ideas to help the client come up with product names that are friendlier to search engines. One suggestion was to use longer and more specific keywords to better match each page’s content. To enhance internal linking further, we added new sections to the menu with more precise product names.

menu nexelem po optymalizacji pod słowa kluczowe

[EN] Manufacturing execution systems – MES / Warehouse management system – WMS / Advanced Planning and Scheduling – APS / Raw material delivery system – ORDER / Logistics system – LOGISTICS / Sales support system – SALES / IloT Platform – Nexelem Machines / System Integration / Competence Matrix

The website’s footer needed a bit of a makeover too – it was a bit too general and didn’t include some important sections.

stopka nexelem przed optymalizacją

Following our advice, Nexelem introduced a couple of changes to the footer. For example, they added key sections like products, popular blog posts, important reads, and contact information.

stopka nexelem po optymalizacji

We didn’t have to wait long to see that fixing up and expanding internal linking turned out to be a great starting point. The web traffic got a solid boost – see the Google Search Console report:

Adding Optimized Web Content

Why we did it

Website content plays a role in ranking, so it’s essential to ensure each piece is well-written and optimized for search engines. This increases the chances of the website reaching higher positions on Google.

The Nexelem website had quite a bit less text compared to the amount of code, and finding the right balance between the two is usually good for SEO. Ideally, the content-to-code ratio for the homepage should be around 20%. Unfortunately, our audit found that on the client’s website, this ratio was only 12%.

12% stosunek treści do kodu

Since the content published on the product pages was too short, we recommended expanding and optimizing it with keywords relevant to each specific product. Also, at that time Nexelem’s blog wasn’t run regularly – new pieces of content weren’t added frequently.

As part of our collaboration, we keep providing Nexelem with one blog article per month, always making sure it’s optimized for relevant keywords. The topic of the content is selected by the client. These articles revolve around niche and industry-related issues, often requiring technical and specialized knowledge. Despite the client’s demanding requirements, Nexelem is very pleased with the blog posts delivered by our in-house content team.

The website content created by our in-house copywriters delivers the expected results, which is also recognized by the client:

[EN] Thanks! The form has been filled out. Content performs exceptionally well. September seems to be a real turning point. Big thanks, Wiktoria, for your proactive approach and lightning-fast response time – it really makes everything much easier.

The client is also pleased with our other activities:

pozytywna opinia nexelem o współpracy

[EN] I just want to express how incredibly satisfied I am with the following things: – The initial boost we got from redesigning the internal linking was fantastic. – Your content team is truly remarkable, addressing every topic, even the extremely niche ones, with expertise. – The technical optimization of content that minds not only search engine spiders but also real human users. – Lastly, our phenomenal communication makes me feel genuinely well taken care of.

Apart from creating new pieces of content, we also suggested adding FAQ sections to product pages and blog articles. We write answers to frequently asked questions in real-time for popular products and new articles. This way, we expand and optimize the content on the website for an ever-increasing number of keywords.

We also handle optimizing some older content. We constantly monitor its positions and, in case of unexpected drops, do some content refreshing. This way we make sure the client’s website keeps its high position on Google.

Also, to support navigation and help users quickly access the most relevant information, we decided to add a table of contents to every article published on the client’s website. Here’s an example:

przykładowy spis treści na blogu Nexelem

The indexation of all new pieces of content is sped up with our own website indexer.

Rsolving Cannibalization Issue

Why we did it

A high cannibalization level hurts every website’s ranking potential. This is because when Google sees similar content on multiple pages, it has a hard time figuring out which keywords to match with each page. Instead of collectively boosting rankings, these pages end up competing with each other, essentially diluting their ranking power.

The website had an issue impacting its visibility and traffic – cannibalization involving a couple of pages. In simple terms, the content on these pages wasn’t clear enough for the bots, making it tricky for Google to understand their purpose and match them with the right keywords. Consequently, Google kept switching up the keywords each page was meant to be optimized for. This problem arose mostly because Nexelem’s website is continuously expanding, with new pages and content being added regularly.

To tackle this issue, we optimized each of these pages for different keywords. We redesigned the headers, adding relevant keywords picked up separately for each specific page. In the same fashion, we optimized the page title and metadata and fine-tuned the content for selected keywords. We also managed proper internal linking between those pages, helping Google’s bots comprehend the connections between them. Here’s an example of the recommended

zmiany w tytule i opisie na stronie ofertowej

This strategy brought great results, significantly improving the visibility and traffic directed to the homepage. Additionally, Google precisely linked the keyword with this page, as indicated below:

wykres wzrostu widoczności i ruchu na stronie po rozwiązaniu problemu kanibalizacji

Improving Keyword Rankings

Why we did it

Selecting the most relevant keywords that a website should be optimized for is a key part of making an SEO strategy work well. Without a specific keyword list, it’s tough to reach high ranks in search engines.

When we started working together, our client’s website didn’t show up much in the SERPs for business-related keywords – basically, the website was either not showing up at all or way down on the list for most of the key phrases.

pozycje fraz kluczowych przed optymalizacją

[EN] Keywords / Position

As our collaboration progressed, we found new keywords that held business significance for the client. Using these phrases for content and page optimization resulted in remarkably positive outcomes.

We’re constantly keeping things flexible and adjusting what we do based on what our client needs and what’s happening in the industry at a given moment. This way, we’ve succeeded at strengthening some of the most business-related keyword positions – some of them are now in the TOP 10.

wysokie pozycje fraz kluczowych nexelem po optymalizacji

Optymalizacja title & meta opisów

Why we did it

Page titles and meta descriptions play a crucial role in on-site optimization for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they show up in the SERP and can either encourage or discourage the users from clicking on the search result. Secondly, their main job is to grab users’ attention, so they should be clear and precisely describe what’s on a particular page. When done correctly, both of those elements positively affect how Google’s robots perceive a given website.

The page titles on the Nexelem website clearly needed a little tweaking. Some were too short (below 30 characters) and didn’t feature any keywords, meaning they didn’t fully tap into the potential of a good title.

In other cases, page titles were too long, and therefore were clipped in search results. Others again were duplicated. Here’s an example of a page title that was too long – it had more than 65 characters:

przykład zbyt długiego title nexelem

More or less half of Nexelem’s pages didn’t have any meta descriptions. Additionally, in a couple of cases, these elements were duplicated or exceeded 156 characters, causing display issues in search results.

brak meta opisów na większości stron nexelem

Here’s an example of a long meta description:

ucięty meta opis w wynikach wyszukiwania nexelem

As part of the optimization process, we suggested creating a new title and meta description for the homepage. Currently, the search results for the page look like this:

zoptymalizowany title oraz meta opis dla strony głównej nexelem

Working on page titles and writing adequate meta descriptions constitute an ongoing part of our SEO process designed for the client. We regularly optimize those elements when adding new blog posts and pages.

Below is an example of an optimized title and meta description:

przykład zoptymalizowanego title i meta opisu

Creating a Proper Heading Structure

Why we did it

Headings on a webpage help organize the text and make it easier for users and Google to understand its contents. Making them better can improve how people experience the site and encourage them to stick around. Good headings also help the site show up better in search results.

There were no H1 headings on Nexelem’s product pages. H2s and H3s, in turn, required some modifications: instead of featuring keywords, they had unnecessary elements and vague phrases – like “You are here” and “Learn more” – that didn’t really mean anything for bots.

niepoprawnie skonstruowane nagłówki na stronie nexelem

We suggested improving the heading structure and adding specific keywords that would help organize the content more effectively, therefore improving Nexelem’s ranking.

Adding Alternative Descriptions to Images

Why we did it

Adding alt descriptions to pictures uploaded on a given page helps Google’s robots understand what’s in them. It also increases the chances of the graphics showing up in the Google Images tab, which contributes to higher visibility.

Firstly, almost half of the pictures on Nexelem’s website weren’t accompanied by alternative descriptions. Secondly, some images’ sizes exceeded 100 KB, which contributed to slowing down the website loading time.

brak opisów alternatywnych na większości zdjęć na stronie nexelem

We wrote alternative descriptions and added them to all the pictures published on the client’s website. Also, we compressed the overly large images so that the website can run faster.

Off-Site Strategy

Before we started optimizing Nexelem’s website for search engines it had only 21 backlinks from rather low-quality domains and ranked for just 34 keywords.

liczba linków przed rozpoczęciem współpracy

profil linków nexelem przed rozpoczęciem współpracy

We help Nexelem improve its website ranking by building a solid backlink profile, which has really improved its overall performance. Each month, we manage to acquire more or less 15 quality backlinks.

On top of that, we publish 2 paid posts on websites related to Nexelem’s business. Thanks to this effort, the number of backlinks has gone up to 357, significantly boosting the website’s ratings. In search results, the client’s website now shows up for 723 keywords and brings in over 2,000 visits.

liczba linków obecnie

profil linków obecnie


RESULT #1: +390% increase in website visibility year over year

Below there is a Senuto report showing the website visibility before we launched the SEO process for Nexelem:

wykres z Sentuo pokazujący widocznośc strony nexelem przed rozpoczęciem współpracy

A Senuto report showing the current website visibility metric:

wykres pokazujący gwałtowny wzrost widoczności strony nexelem

Before Nexelem teamed up with us, the website ranked for just one keyword in the top 10 and 63 in the top 50. The estimated external traffic was 1.

wykres semstorm pkazujący widoczność strony przed współpracą

The same metrics currently:

wykres semstorm pkazujący widoczność strony obecnie

RESULT #2: 521% increase in website traffic year over year

On average, the website was visited by 46 users per month and displayed 1,779 times per month.

Visibility and traffic in Google Search Console before:

wykres google search cosnole pokazujący widoczność i ruch przed współpracą

Thanks to the customized SEO strategy, website traffic has been increasing by over 500% year over year.

wykres google search console pokazujący porównanie widoczności i ruchu rok do roku

The screenshot below shows the metrics for the last 12 months:

wykres z google search console pokazujący widoczność i ruch na stronie nexelem w ostatnim roku

Delante is a great SEO partner who proves to comprehend the complexities of our business. They’ve seamlessly integrated into the manufacturing industry’s specifics, understanding our challenges thoroughly. What stands out is their profound knowledge of our day-to-day struggles. The content they create earns high praise from experts, which is reflected in our impressive search rankings. This, in turn, makes it easier for us to reach new customers online. Their support in technical SEO and backlink building is excellent. We’re particularly happy with the smooth communication with Wiktoria, the SEO Specialist that Delante assigned to work with us. At Nexelem, where we focus on developing production management software, Delante has played a crucial role in driving organic traffic to our website. The collaboration is going well, and the results speak for themselves.

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