Doorway Pages

What are the Doorway Pages? – Definition

Doorway pages are created primarily to rank highly for specific keywords (most often using forbidden techniques), which send users to a different page. This is one of the black hat SEO techniques.

Doorway pages are also known as bridge page, gateway page, jump page, portal page, entry page.

Doorway Pages - definition

Doorway Pages and SEO

Currently, search engines are very restrictive towards doorway pages and find them quickly. Google in its guides for webmasters strictly prohibits them. Such pages are immediately banned and removed from the index and, as a result, from the search results.

What’s the Difference between a Doorway Page and a Landing Page?

A doorway page is created only to appear in the search results for a given keyword. Users who find it must perform an additional action to find information that interests them (e.g. click on a link). The landing page is designed to convert, users do it directly on this page.

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