9 Components of SEO Strategy For the Photovoltaic Industry

9 Components of SEO Strategy For the Photovoltaic Industry
13 April 2021
Do you operate in the photovoltaic industry? If so, SEO might be one of the ways to reach entities interested in your services. Check out what SEO components are crucial to attract potential customers looking for your offer on Google.
Table of Contents: In recent years, the photovoltaic industry has been enjoying enormous popularity. Relief from taxation and the prospect of taking advantage of a subsidy to install the system significantly shortened the period of return on investment. Therefore, customers choose this solution more and more frequently.

Photovoltaics - How To Do SEO for Websites In this Industry?

Perhaps you’re wondering if Google users search for information on photovoltaics online. Maybe they access it solely in a traditional way? Take a look at the Google Trends chart below to see the popularity of the “photovoltaics” phrase since 2016. photovoltaic keyowrd trend Check out the monthly number of searches connected to photovoltaics. As you can see, the amount of queries is quite impressive, so is the competitiveness of this industry. If your company specializes in the installation or manufacturing of photovoltaic systems, it’s worth investing in a website. Many enterprises try to mark their presence online so don’t let them leave you behind. The next step should consist of performing online marketing activities aiming at attracting new customers. Act comprehensively and go for SEO. Today, we’ll introduce you to 9 components of a quality SEO strategy for the solar industry. Keep reading!

SEO For The Photovoltaic Industry - 9 Components Of The Strategy

Google may be a valuable source of traffic. Customers search for offers and information on solar companies with the use of the search engine. But how to encourage users to benefit from your services? Below you can see indispensable components of an SEO strategy for the photovoltaic industry that can bring you desired results:

1. Local SEO

Google displays business cards under the sponsored results for local queries like “photovoltaics Boston”. It would be great if your page was ranked there. For this purpose, first, you need to create your Google My Business profile. Try to be active. Publish photos and entries, ask customers to write reviews concerning finalized orders. Make sure that your website is mentioned on local pages such as the city ones. This will allow you to improve your position in the local search results. Bear in mind that people looking for a solar company will probably want to benefit from the services of a local provider, that’s why it’s more than likely that they’ll start with phrases like “photovoltaics London”. photovoltaic local seo example

2. Blog

Thanks to the published texts, you can reach a lot of customers. To tailor your content to relevant subjects, it’s worth using tools like Senuto, SemStorm, Keyword Planner in Google Ads, Keywordtool.io, or Ubersuggest that will provide you with information on keywords frequently entered into the search engine that is connected to your business profile. Nevertheless, it’s possible to prepare a number of entries even without such support. Think about the possible doubts of a customer interested in photovoltaic systems. Probably most people will be searching for articles discussing how long it takes for the photovoltaic investment to pay off. So, prepare adequate content, make sure it’s substantive and encourage users to get acquainted with your offer. If your texts positively surprise readers, they’re more likely to start the cooperation. However, remember that the post content should be properly optimized. [caption id="attachment_39462" align="aligncenter" width="861"]blog photovoltaics seo Source: https://www.energysage.com/[/caption] Learn more about optimizing your blog in the article: SEO for Bloggers - Tips For Beginners

3. Optimized Content

It’s not solely about the blog posts but also about product descriptions. Benefit from the abovementioned tools (Senuto, SemStorm, Keyword Planner in Google Ads, Keywordtool.io, or Ubersuggest) to gain access to keywords that should be included in specific entries. Ensure appropriate header structure. Place the main keyword in the H1, in the <title> of the page, in the lead, and in the body of paragraphs, provided it looks natural. Less important phrases can be put in remaining headers, in the post, or offer description. The <title> tag shouldn’t be longer than 65-70 characters because otherwise it won’t be displayed in the SERPs. Provide a CTA in the <description> to increase the chances of users clicking on your website on Google. Content relevant from the users’ point of view should be marked with <b> or <i> tags, whereas information important for the search engine ought to be highlighted with <b> or <em>. optimized content for photovoltaic industry

4. Internal Linking

Your content should include links to related subpages on your website. Take a look at the screenshot below. A user reading this particular entry has an opportunity to access other attractive texts. Thanks to it, you can decrease your bounce rate, improve conversion rate and increase time spent on your page. Moreover, internal linking has a positive impact on website visibility on Google. It’s crucial to ensure that every relevant subpage has internal links coming from at least a few other pieces of content. seo for solar industry internal linking example

5. Optimized graphics

Your website shouldn’t be filled with graphics that weigh a lot as they may negatively affect its loading time. Try to publish your own photos, not only those from free stocks. Provide the most relevant keyword in the file name and if you’re dealing with a longer keyphrase, separate individual words with hyphens. Don’t forget about alt texts - describe what you see in the photo and remember about keywords. graphics optimization in photovoltaic industry To improve Google visibility, you should obtain backlinks from valuable sources. Where to start? Analyze your market rivals. Although the finest tools that can be used for this purpose are paid, some of the functionalities are available in a limited version for free, such as in the case of ahrefs.com. Check out pages that link to your competitors who are ranked high on Google. Thanks to it, you can effortlessly find forums, industry-specific directories, or websites where your market rivals bought sponsored articles with links or where you can provide links to your page. However, remember that not every link brings benefits. Effective link building requires huge expertise. Try to obtain backlinks from thematically related, high-quality websites with satisfactory parameters that are preferably finer than yours. You can do it for free on blogs by commenting on a selected entry, obviously if this functionality is enabled. Remember that the quality of the obtained links is more important than the quantity.

7. Keywords

You know you should optimize content by selecting appropriate keywords. However, it’s not only about generic words but also about long-tail keywords that consist of a few phrases. Apart from specifying users’ intentions, they’re also more likely to lead to conversion. If you offer services in various cities, you can prepare a landing page for each location and optimize its content according to the city name. Think how far you’re willing to commute to customers and tailor the offer to your possibilities. keywords for photovoltaic industry

8. SSL certificate

Although today it’s a standard, not every website can boast having the SSL certificate. Thanks to it, the connection between the user's device and your website is encrypted, which means it’s safe. It’s possible to benefit from it for free. Let's Encrypt can be easily enabled on the vast majority of hosting services without any fees. Moreover, it’s extended automatically. So how to recognize that a website has SSL? The address will start with https:// instead of http://. If a page doesn’t have such a certificate, Google Chrome will mark it as unsafe. Apart from the fact that the SSL certificate is a running factor, it has a significant impact on conversion, that’s why it’s worth devoting it some time. When users see notifications that your website isn’t safe, they’re unlikely to continue browsing. seo services for photovoltaic industry

9. Page loading speed

It’s another ranking factor that affects conversion. Users expect websites to load quickly. If it doesn’t happen, they simply choose one of the remaining Google search results. PageSpeed Insights is one of the tools that can be used to verify your website loading speed. If your website loads slowly, the tool will also provide you with the reasons behind this state of affairs. Of course, it’s not about scoring 100 out of 100 at the expense of resigning from numerous website functionalities. Just make sure that your result is similar to one of your market rivals so that users don’t get annoyed because of the poor efficiency of your website operation. i
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  1. Photovoltaic is in different stages of development depending on the country – this too can have an impact on creating SEO strategy 😉

  2. It definitely will, Jay! In general, each strategy will differ a bit for different countries but also for different companies (despite the same industry and country even!) as it must be adjusted to the individual specificities.

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