Penguin Algorithm

What is the Penguin Algorithm? – Definition

Penguin is a Google algorithm introduced in 2012 intended to reduce spamming practices. The search engine penalizes websites with links of low quality as this is considered a form of spam. The Penguin algorithm rewards websites which have backlinks from verified sources and non-keyword stuffed content.

Google Penguin in Practice

Let’s assume that you want to increase your website’s visibility. For this purpose, you use low quality presell pages, from which links are obtained with multiple subdomains created in order to multiply links with worthless content. And although it may seem that such a tactic will increase visibility in search results, in fact, the effect may be quite opposite. The Google Penguin Algorithm recognizes sites with valuable content, relevant hyperlinks, and natural keywords.

What is important for Penguing Algorithm

Remember to create unique content on your website and get backlinks from valuable domains.


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