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07 February 2024
Your services will work better together, combine them. Use the potential of innovative Performance Marketing solutions. It’s time for a unique service - Google Marketing Platform.



In the online world, we leave behind data both as users and recipients. Data is a byproduct of our surfing the web. It is left by each of us. As business owners of online stores, service companies, content publishers, we want to use this data to better understand users’ and consumers’ behavior. We want to improve the usability of the website, increase the conversion rate, lower the bounce rate or increase the time spent on the site. As an SEM performance management company, we want to increase the effectiveness of campaigns, increase ROAS, decrease CPA, increase the conversion of phone calls, inquiries sent and orders placed. How to do it? So far, you have been using only Google Analytics and it is through this tool that you have been drawing all the conclusions and making key decisions in the company? We must warn you – this approach is insufficient. We want to introduce you to a revolutionary service that combines advanced marketing tools whose effectiveness is confirmed by the world’s biggest brands. This tool is Google Marketing Platform.

Google Marketing Platform: What is It?

Your Services work better together. Combine them.

At the beginning of our cooperation with Delante in the Google Performance Ads service, we implement Google Marketing Platform for our clients. This includes Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio and Google Merchant Center. The service is an essential connection leading to achieving even better results. Our goal is to spread the tool so that access to the latest solutions to improve campaign effectiveness is available to all companies, especially those in the small and medium-sized business sector.

Google Marketing Platform Services

source: Google

GMP Implementation: 8 Reasons to Do It

1. Comprehensive implementation of Google Tag Manager

If you see an opportunity – act fast. Enter scripts and updates in minutes with Google Tag Manager. We implement fast and flexible Internet marketing by using the latest Google solutions. A fully secure and fast interface that will allow both you and our agency to enter data in most cases without the need for programmers. As part of our Google Marketing Platform service, we implement Google Tag Manager comprehensively from A to Z. In many cases, having FTP access or administrative access to the CMS system, we will implement the necessary codes once at no extra charge. We conduct subsequent work within GTM with different intensity, depending on the industry and customer needs. Most often, within GTM we implement the most important scripts and tools, configure micro and macro conversions, improve the efficiency of conversion counting.

2. Comprehensive implementation of Google Analytics

If you want to make accurate decisions you need data you can trust. Google Analytics is a free analytics tool that gives you huge possibilities in terms of web analytics. To get the maximum out of this tool, we must first configure it correctly. Configuration refers to all settings at the account and service level. We integrate the Google Ads tool to get detailed data on paid traffic. After configuring and testing the account correctly, we move on to configuring goals, both at the micro and macro conversion levels. This is one of the most important elements of measurement in Google Analytics. We configure most of the goals directly on the site using the already implemented Google Tag Manager. We create Google Analytics integration, configurations and goals from A to Z, informing the client of successful completion. However, there are exceptional cases, specific CMS, where we need a programmer to help. In that case, we coordinate activities and support the entire process until the positive completion.

3. Creating Google Looker Studio

Google Data Studio makes it possible to enter a higher level of reporting. Our customers have an account and access to the platform, thanks to which browsing performance indicators is a piece of cake. On only one page of the report we present data in a clear and simple way tailored to individual preferences of customers.

4. Creating a Google Ads account

Advanced Performance Marketing tool is available for small, medium and large enterprises. Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is the most popular PPC advertising platform. We will increase the visibility of your business. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. You have a unique opportunity to get additional customers for your business. We reach customers in the right place and at the right time. Campaigns are not limited by a minimum budget, so you can start with any amount. Ask for an estimate, in which we will provide a minimum reasonable budget within which we can start the promotion.

5. Creating a remarketing

Use Google Ads to reach customers who have already visited your site. Together with implementing Google Marketing Platform, we also add plenty of personalized groups of recipients to your account and we continually expand these lists during the contract period. Depending on sources of visits and behaviors on the site, recipients lists help us personalize messages. Some of the recipient lists are not instantly used and we leave them for special occasions such as holidays or festivals. As part of the service, we also configure Customer Match recipients.

6. Configuring connections (Call Tracking)

Configure Call Tracking and get useful data about your company’s calls. We perform the configuration as part of our Google Marketing Platform implementation. Once the service is properly configured, you will receive detailed reports on, among other things, the time of the call, the number of calls, the country code of the caller and which campaign the call came from. The call data is treated as conversions.

7. Implementing Google Merchant Center

A high-conversion source of traffic that is perfect for an online store. An account in Google Merchant Center is implemented as part of the service. The service strives for correct processing of the product file and sending data to Google Ads to conduct a product campaign. Further Google Merchant Center functions that we configure are advanced rules for the data file and consumer reviews.

8. Site Audit

The higher the quality of the landing page, the higher the quality score. To be able to effectively achieve the company’s goals, we not only audit the website to check whether it’s useful on mobile devices but we also carry out optimization tests. After implementing Google Marketing Platform, each customer receives an application report from us.

What Does Google Marketing Platform Implementation Enable?

Google Marketing Platform Implementation Enables:

  • Faster and more thoughtful marketing activities. By automating daily processes, you can spend more time on strategic activities. Built-in intelligence automatically adjusts advertising trends and patterns.
  • Better investment control. You can easily see which marketing strategies are working and make informed decisions leading to improved effectiveness. You don’t have to give up quality ads and user convenience.
  • Better understanding of your audience. With access to integrated data, you will gain a better picture of your customers. Combining your data with Google’s information on different devices and user intent will allow you to identify your most valuable audiences.
  • Information sharing between teams. By gathering data and reports in one place, all of your company’s employees have access to audience data, multimedia and results. They can also share insights with others and optimize marketing efforts.
Google Marketing Platform presentation at Google Marketing Live conference

source: Google Marketing Platform presentation at Google Marketing Live conference

Detailed Phases of Google Marketing Platform Implementation

Now, it’s time for you to find out what we do as part of the deployment process.

Creating a Google Tag Manager account

  • Service configuration
  • Sending guidelines for a programmer (optional in the case of popular CMS implementation of GTM on the customer’s site)
  • Implementing the most important scripts and / or structuring the code on the website
  • Instructions for implementing the data layer
  • Implementing e-commerce tracking
  • Implementing Google Ads conversion
  • Implementing dynamic remarketing
  • Implementing remarketing
  • Audit and implementation if you already have the service

Creating a Google Analytics account

  • Configuring the account correctly
  • Turning on and configuring the most important functions used
  • Analyzing e-commerce
  • Adding many extensive lists of recipients for remarketing
  • Site tracking
  • Configuring goals for micro conversions
  • Configuring goals for macro conversions
  • Audit and implementation if you already have the service

Creating a Google Looker Studio

  • Integrating with Google Ads
  • Integrating with Google Analytics
  • Preparing a custom report

Creating a Google Ads account

  • Giving authority to the team and employees
  • Configuring the account according to Google Ads standards
  • Configuring tagging
  • Attribution modeling
  • Payments and settlements settings
  • Adding negative keyword lists
  • Synchronizing with Analytics
  • Synchronizing with Search Console
  • Synchronizing with Merchant Center
  • Synchronizing with Google My Business
  • Importing recipients from Analytics to Google Ads
  • Importing conversions from Analytics to Google Ads
  • Setting alerts and notifications
  • Optional: configuring connections on the website
  • Creating a structure for an account or restructuring an existing account
  • If you already have an account, auditing and implementing the necessary changes

Implementation together with Google Merchant Center additionally includes:

  • Creating and configuring an account
  • Verifying the domain
  • Preparing or uploading product data
  • Complementing information about the company
  • Supplementing contact details BOK
  • Supplementing delivery information
  • Advanced account settings for the needs of campaigns
  • Integrating with Google Ads

After we complete the deployment process you will receive an extensive report informing about the work carried out. If we want to make use of Google Performance Ads, it’s only possible after implementing Google Marketing Platform. If you want to be successful at using e-commerce potential and effectively optimizing your campaigns, you need data that is accurately collected, visualized and processed. By synchronizing all the tools you can get extra benefits such as the optimal use of Google AI and the use of advanced mechanisms of machine learning.

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Karolina Pyznar

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