How To Find Striking Distance Keywords in 4 Simple Steps

How To Find Striking Distance Keywords in 4 Simple Steps
08 April 2022
In order to boost your site’s visibility to the ranking it deserves, you need to reach out to new ideas and strategies. Striking Distance Keywords are an important consideration for anyone trying to rank higher because they have a great potential to get more clicks. With our guide, you can improve your ranking by identifying and utilizing them!
Table of contents: SEO best practices focus on all manner of topics, so it’s important to cover your bases. By tackling all the obvious improvements, as well as many of the more unknown ones, you can skyrocket your site’s domain ranking.

What Are Striking Distance Keywords?

To put it simply, striking distance keywords are all the keywords your website ranks within position 11-30 – IE, the keywords that are off of the first page of results.  Click rate drops significantly after page one, so bringing your striking distance keywordsto position 9 from position 11 in the rankings matters quite a bit! As an example, if your main keywords are “shoes” and “boots,” your striking distance keywords could be things tangentially related yet not talked about as much. Words like “fit” or “style” are often used on your website, but only until they’re optimized will they be able to assist you!
When you bring more keywords into your domain’s first page of results, people will have a much easier time finding your website. You will hit more searches and rise through the ranks much easier than if you had otherwise.

Why Are Striking Distance Keywords Important for SEO?

One of the most important reasons to focus on striking distance keywords is the fact that if you optimize keywords from all angles for your domain, you will see an overall rise in your ranking. This is because of organic searches using words that you might not know you needed to work on. By using a variety of tools, you can analyze the patterns of your website and see which keywords you can do a better job of ranking. From there, all you have to do is work on those keywords to see a rise in your profile! Increasing website visibility is the goal of SEO in general and striking distance keywords are no different. When you optimize them, the goals of your website will be realized since you will be much more prominent than you would otherwise be. increase your visibility

How Can You Find Striking Distance Keywords?

One of the easiest ways to find the keywords that get pushed from the first page is to use the Google Search Console. This tool helps report search traffic and performance results, fix a variety of issues, and in general help, you optimize your domain to function better. By using Google Search Console, you will have a powerful asset at your disposal to do a comprehensive analysis of the keywords on your website. Don’t hesitate to utilize it as much as you can! It will pay off in the long run tremendously and boost your site’s metrics at the same time. Step 1 Start by logging into Google Search Console and type your domain’s address into the bar on the top left-hand side of the screen. By doing so, you will allow Google to immediately start identifying your site’s available information. identifying striking distance keywords in google search console step 1 Step 2 After you have entered your domain, simply scroll the window down to see an immediate analysis of the keywords used on your site. For striking distance keywords, we are interested in any keyword with a position of 11 or more. Google Search Console displays the position of the exact string used, so “shoelace” and “shoe lace” will be two different rankings. Make sure you take note of exactly which keywords you are interested in ranking for! We want to get these keywords into the 1-9 position for best site visibility no matter the search used. Remember, users will attempt to find your content using a variety of search strings that may use some of your uncommon keywords! identifying striking distance keywords in google search console step 2 Step 3 After seeing the breakdown of keywords your site utilizes, you can go into greater depth with any given keyword by clicking it. Then, you can see additional information. For example, when you click the “Pages” tab of the Google Search Console, you will be able to see which of your websites are the ones utilizing the keywords and being ranked. This is useful to see how many active sites you currently have available and if you need to create any more. It will also tell you how many clicks they have received. identifying striking distance keywords in google search console step 3 Step 4 In addition to page information, you can also see the relevant countries where your keywords are currently being displayed. Using this information to better locate your most popular country and how you can leverage the data will be crucial moving forward! identifying striking distance keywords in google search console step 4

How Can You Strategize Striking Distance Keywords?

After you have identified and analyzed the striking distance keywords, you can start building upon them effectively in order to increase the overall ranking of your domain. For instance, if you have a shoe company and one of your striking distance keywords is “style,” you can choose to make specific content about it! A “Winter Style Guide” for what shoes to buy next year for instance, or a more general article about style trends as they have emerged. You can even decide to write personal or professional blog entries heavily leveraging the keyword in order to generate custom content. Getting more unique, creative content out using the word “style” will increase its position ranking for your domain. This will lead to more clicks overall as more people are drawn to your website – even if their original search wasn’t specifically looking for you!
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Another strategy you can utilize is link building. With internal and external links, you can create a web of content. When you do this, you will see more traffic coming to and from your website, increasing exposure! You can also combine these two approaches! Check out how you can support link building with great content.

Striking Distance Keywords Can Make the Difference!

When you’re looking to really push your SEO ranking you need to strategize in as many ways as possible for the best results. By looking at your striking distance keywords, you will be able to add new dimensions to your domain and increase the likelihood that other people will end up on your homepage! By getting the placement of the keywords under 11, you will appear on the front page of results more often, leading directly to increased views. The more keywords you optimize in this way, the more effective your efforts will be in the long run! Contact us and find out how you can boost your visibility with a great keyword strategy!
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