What is KPI? – Definition

KPI (Key Performance Indicators) are indicators set at the beginning of a given process to assess the overall progress and to identify the results achieved. They can be designed in many areas, such as marketing, organizing, or financing.

Key Performance Indicators are useful to define how a company, a given department, or project is functioning, to check which areas face inefficiencies, and to illustrate how things change over time. Properly defined KPI should:

  • be simple and clear,
  • be quantified,
  • set important goals for a given process,
  • be evaluated regularly.

In other words, key performance indicators show whether our project meets its objectives, has some limitations and makes progress.

KPI definition


In SEO, just like in any other process, we can also set KPIs. Important metrics in the SEO process are the page impressions and clicks that can be measured using Google Search Console. Other indicators that provide us with relevant information are the number of sessions in Google Analytics or keywords in the top 10. For e-commerce, the example of KPIs can be conversion rate or other desired actions.

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